• Another Woman's Man

    falling through tears
    avoiding all fears.
    desires burn upon you,
    hidden voices always knew.... more »

  • Beautiful Lie

    Broken shadows drying out,
    drowning lies overcoming doubt.
    Eternal cravings becoming destruction,
    hatred blinds reflecting perfection.... more »

  • Betrayal

    fought 4 you
    lies turned true
    hate's reborn
    anger here 2 warn.... more »

  • Black Goodbye

    back. don't touch
    desire all 2 much
    love stays, heart runs
    reflex quickly shuns.... more »

  • Bloody Rose

    don't silence love,
    leave me never,
    abandon above
    stay forever.... more »

  • Blue Snow

    crystal rose, deadly rare;
    never a mortal dream compare.
    destiny's power, fighting unclear,
    darkening shadows all disappear.... more »

  • Escape

    truths sinkin in,
    pain starts to win,
    tears refuse to come;
    trapped. internally numb.... more »

  • Hindering Sunrise

    hear our cry
    wars' domain.
    love will die
    no evidence remains.... more »

  • Lurking Attack

    this feeling trapped inside
    destroying all reason existing.
    through poetry fight to confide.
    ancient emotion constantly twisting.... more »

  • My Bella

    truth be told
    2 bitter 2 cold.
    bloody reveil,
    suicide kan feel.... more »