• .autumnal.Release.

    Weak, torn branches sacrifice the last of their crimson
    Yielding a puddle of rainbows, collapsed from the canopy
    Overhead, leaving only a bleak bleached sky
    Dotted with the occasional bird or irregular airplane and... more »

  • A Master In Disguise (Incomplete)

    The words he spoke were not all his
    But syllables composed
    Of other's thoughts and cunning prose
    And melodies dismissed... more »

  • A Message, For My Love

    Dear Loved one
    Do not think that the bitter words I write
    Are meant for you
    And realize that the sweet ones... more »

  • All The Riches Of Royalty

    The king sat in his silver bathtub one morning
    And he realized, as he soaked in the soft bubbles
    That you can not rule your kingdom from a silver bathtub... more »

  • And To Think... I'Ll Live Another Day... Despite The Weather

    In the time that you were right
    was the time i folded my dreams
    up into the sky and sent them
    soaring with a wish... more »

  • Beautiful Boy

    Turn your eyes and catch your breath
    Watch as he takes center stage
    Oh silent world, take notice
    Of this beautiful boy... more »

  • Black Is Where The Heart Is

    there she stares, a vacant stare
    her body screams remorse
    her heart is strong, her body weak
    ambivelance within... more »

  • Can You Forget What I Said?

    i can't believe i said it
    or maybe not said it sooner
    my words are too sweet
    that i can't stand the honest truth... more »

  • Can'T Go Back

    How do you spell silence
    But for the longing of what cannot be removed?
    How do you return it
    To the stillness, now shattered on the darkening floor... more »

  • Childish

    It would be childish to tell you I hang on your every word
    As if it were the life line to my sinking body
    It would be childish to tell you I love you
    Cuz those words are so overplayed... more »

  • City Lites

    intense color
    surrounded by blinding noise
    sinks slowly into the murky faces
    tracing those who would leave... more »

  • Civil Disarray

    It's mostly a drug.
    Doesn't matter
    If it makes you feel like crap.... more »

  • Count Me Out

    You've never said no, til you've said yes
    You've never disagreed til you've seen
    Just what this can do to you
    In a beautiful package... more »

  • Dear...

    Dear Mouth-
    Concerning your recent behavior:
    I have noted that there has been a lack of communication
    Between you and my close acquaintance, Brain.... more »

  • Death To A Cynic

    (or die trying
    but think-
    (if it was that hard
    would the benefits... more »

  • Disenchanted

    laughter could have been but it wasn't
    and she didn't know where
    because she didn't care to
    walked on down to the chorus line... more »

  • Do Not Cry, Loved One. The Earth Is Almost Over

    upon the arrival of the blinding sun
    the earth drops thankfully into a rapid darkness
    descending into the orbit of another godless mindset
    obscenely unaware of a moral genocide... more »

  • Dracula My Love / Lust

    You are so beautiful, you know
    In a breath-snatching / Life-sucking
    Heart-wrenching / Pure evil
    Sort of way... more »

  • Enchant[ed]

    white hot
    [perhaps a hint of gray]
    can you[mmm...delicious]... more »

  • Entourage

    She parades by
    On horses of glass
    Still cut through the morning
    Fog looms in their faces... more »

  • For Dear Gary (In Waiting)

    I see your name, and I nearly cry
    I had never realized how much I miss it all
    Your words are like a hug
    Soft and familiar and I never want them to end... more »

  • Forbidden Love

    he told them no
    but they did anyway
    because apparently love was more important
    they held hands... more »

  • Found (& Lost)

    Wake up to usual form
    Be an element bracing ideas
    To create found solutions that
    Raise new thoughts in a right mind.... more »

  • Freefall

    The mountain air feeds my starving lungs
    As I stand with others, waiting
    My legs feel weak and my hands are shaking
    But I know what I must do... more »

  • Giving You To Death I Scream In Agony

    Stretch your heart pull what can't reach
    Fathom to see the incomprehensive
    Of His mighty hand. arm. touch. voice
    And Believe in the impossible... more »