• Aatmaa

    aatmaa he said
    your soul
    it must awaken
    it sleeps the sleep of the untried... more »

  • Birth Cry

    I taste the limpid moonlit night;
    the wandering cloud aglow with thirst;
    whose liquid bowl innards seduce
    the stars with promises of old...... more »

  • Dark Whispers

    </>So that is how it is!
    Its not as if the sun comes up
    and the sky is abruptly glorious
    and everything suddenly spurts and blooms.... more »

  • Dusk

    I watch the bleating evening clouds
    Explain themselves to soaring trees
    Who wield their sticks on swaying knees.... more »

  • Rain

    All true the spattering of rain
    upon the disillusioned and the brave
    dousing grasshoppers and crowds
    intentional and knave... more »

  • Sister! Sister!

    My goldfish died
    She lay there floating in her morning bowl
    while her sister chewed upon her guts
    in silent rebellion... more »

  • Soar

    I stood upon a pedestal
    That grew
    With it I rose
    To heights so high... more »

  • Speak

    Speak says the eagle
    and the screeches in the caverns
    shatter the rocks.... more »

  • The End

    The End

    So all must die and I must too
    not at peace in my own bed... more »

  • The Wasting Ways Of War

    They all weep.
    War poems, Documentary scripts
    File pictures, all cry that
    War is about the brave men;... more »

  • Transcience

    You saw her striding through her life
    shaking off the relics of her own penury of purpose;
    Her eyes seeking without knowing.
    You watched as she hastily dried the rain... more »

  • Walk Away

    Walk away into the other room.Walk away.
    What will I find there except a void
    full of all that is not the previous room.
    A better void because it is... more »

  • Walk In The Woods-1

    Once more along a bracken wood walk
    where the branches whisper their family secrets
    while mynas admonish
    restless baby monkeys... more »