I've been writing poems since i've always have the urge to ryhme words in each of my sentences.i get my inspirations from everything and anything.=)
i'm goin on 16
i spend most of my time jotting down new ideas but as for now i'm currently sitting through the most cruscial exam of my entire teenage life, so i couldnt have the time to write new poems.even so you guys do comment on my previous ones. really apprecite it(:

Hugs & Kisses


Fara Sani Poems

& I Swear

I’m giving up my inside to you my one and only
That i adore and love as true as can be
You manage to see thru my crystal wall.
I always counted on you to answer my calls... more »

A Pirate's Love

Across the treacherous shoals of white shark reefs,
I swear you're that only entity I believe.
Into the murky waters of dead man's bay slides the sinister ship of black belch,
As I fall for love unexpectedly, I’m glad you could catch.... more »

Her Supreme Scent

A feminine scent she wears drive the guys wild
You could sniff her pleasant odour a million mile
But with whom having that perfume on matters much
Cause em’ guys don’t go for nerdy girls as such... more »

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