• All About Love...

    the pain of love the most excrutiating of all,
    i used to think would conquer above all.
    but now i see i was completely wrong,
    it's nothing at all like the most beautiful love song!... more »

  • Another Day...

    another day with no pain
    another day with you again
    another day i hope will stay
    another day with us together... more »

  • Ere Her Limbs..

    ere her limbs frigidly,
    stiffen too rigidly,
    decently kindly,
    smooth and compose them,... more »

  • How Can We Understand?

    how can we possibly understand the depth? ?
    how can we possibly realise the strength? ?
    how on earth can we control our feelings? ?
    when from within us we let loose those innocent beings? ?... more »

  • How I Wish

    how i wish i loved you more,
    than every star in heaven,
    every grain of sand on every beach,
    every dropp of water in every ocean.... more »

  • I Love You

    ' i love you'
    the three words that can be said between two.
    the three words from which you cannot escape,
    wraps your life like a deep black drape.... more »

  • Paradise

    when i look into your eyes
    i find mysef in paradise
    your arms around my body
    my head restng on your chest... more »

  • Still Love...

    Just one look at you takes my breath away,
    i wish that you would turn back around and say,
    'i want you back', 'im scared to lose you',
    the amount of things i'd do to see you.... more »

  • The Dearer Pain

    the dearer pain of the nearer one
    rises and sets like the morning sun
    the one and only pain you cannot escape
    wraps around you like a deep black drape... more »

  • We 2

    time is all we need,
    thoughts are all we can give,
    like you are water and i am a seed,
    without you i cannot live.... more »

  • Won'T Forget You

    no matter what i do or seem to say
    my love for you won't fade away,
    your like a scar that just won't leave
    like boing hit by a car that's haunting me! !... more »

  • Yr Mum

    your mother is very special,
    she likes to boil the kettle,
    she irons and cleans,
    she's the bee's knees,... more »