• A Father's Advice! ! !

    You are the part of my body and soul,
    You are the one who will surely achieve his goal,
    So, for you here are some pieces of advice,
    For, you may lead a life that is simple and nice.... more »

  • Briefing! ! ! ! ! ! !

    When today before HIM i stood
    My knees bent, my eyes closed,
    My heart still, my mind refined,
    Just in a flash, i was stunned,... more »

  • Destruction, Death And Decay

    Too much painful were moments those,
    When earth shook and nobody knows.

    How cheerful life could stand still,... more »

  • Drinking Milk! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Milk, a whole-food,
    drinking it is never ever my mood.

    It's necessary for me, i know that,... more »

  • Guess! Who Is He?

    Ssshhhh! ! ! ! ! Quiet,
    He is coming,
    The birds stop huming,
    The wind stop blowing,... more »

  • I Am Free! ! ! ! ! !

    I can't think the same,
    Think as before, as i use to,
    Because once, I was free
    Free of worries,... more »

  • One Opportunity! ! ! ! ! !

    I am given the opportunities, if ever,
    To choose the best one, i'll be indeed clever,
    I'll think, think and think over and over again,
    TO DIE FOR ONE DAY, clicks to my mind and brain,... more »

  • True Beauty! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Beauty is in the eyes of beholder,
    And in the list of my mind's folder,
    The true beauty of a beaut,
    Is not to be gorgeous, not even to be cute,... more »

  • When I Think.......

    Of my death, when i think,
    When, no longer my eyes will blink,
    When, i'll never turn yellow or pink,
    When, i'll be no more asked to eat or drink,... more »

  • 'You Are The Cause! ! ! '

    Fake smiles and dull faces,
    Swollen fingers and blackened eyes,
    Empty minds, blank expressions,
    Boring life as no more fashions,... more »