• A Gushing Eulogy On The Devil

    The time when thy heart’d beat no longer
    When thy soul’d be shaken by thunder
    Of the innocent hands of the Death
    Coming to take hold of thy breath... more »

  • A Love Song

    Velvet veil of violets has covered thy hair
    Ruby red roses kneel to form thy bed
    Pretty plump pansies bend to pamper thee
    Dormant drowsy dews on daffodils are shed... more »

  • All The Cells Of Yours...

    Beauty has left its eternal mark
    On the delicate face of yours
    And grace has breathed into
    Every vein of yours... more »

  • Borders

    Lines, lines everywhere
    Breaking bonds... more »

  • Crucified Clown

    Blue velvet caged
    Behind rusty bars.
    Soul within chars.
    Fervent flames raged.... more »

  • Dark Corners Of Our Streets

    Moon is stretching its silvery empire
    To every dark corner.
    Darkness is losing the battle,
    Its last strongholds are lost,... more »

  • Devil's Night

    Black gown of night has covered the Earth
    The owl singing for the Devil’s birth
    Stars twinkle but the heart is dark
    The moon gloomy and the wind stark... more »

  • How How How...

    How beautiful the rain is
    For no one can see
    Me tears…... more »

  • I Will I Will...

    I will
    Outshine the sun
    Lie on the clouds
    Play on golden strings... more »

  • If You Only Knew...

    Seconds die and I long for
    The crystal moment
    When your face
    Rises from the clouds of solitude... more »

  • It's Raining In My Mind

    Clouds of inspiration cover
    The bright sky of mind
    Winds of rhythm blow to join
    The clouds in a thunderous wedlock... more »

  • Last Duel

    Standing in the desert
    Golden volcano‘s fiery lavas
    Drops of sweat
    Gasping, shaking, I wait... more »

  • Life Imitates Art (A Humble Tribute To Oscar Wilde)

    O thou proud Nature
    Rolling in ashes of long-burnt
    Fiery love of yourself
    What are you boasting of?... more »

  • Life's Laughing Miracle.........

    Out of the unfathomable vacuum
    Where nothingness is proud of its majesty
    Rays of carnal light shines
    Piercing every corner with the silken arrows of life... more »

  • Metropolitan Inferno

    Rusty rotten dirty domes,
    Wound the Heaven’s azure heart,
    Chimneys’ souls rise to part,
    Black giants’ filthy foams.... more »

  • Miracles

    A man, a woman, a restaurant
    A look, a smile, a word
    A sentence, another, a chat
    A minute, an hour, a moment... more »

  • Omnia Vincit Amor...

    Walking on this desperate street
    Trodden by hasty shoes
    Of passersby who do not notice
    How lonesome the stones beneath are... more »

  • Rage Of Reason

    The thought doth knock,
    On mind’s wooden doors,
    Haughty reason roars:
    “This is a deadlock! ”... more »

  • Scent Of Sin

    Scent of an apple
    Wrath of God
    Eve’s luring voice... more »

  • Solitary Knight

    Drunk with revenge, the knight pondered,
    Lit the candles, took the oath
    Die for honor, foe to loathe.
    Wounding the henge, the wind wandered.... more »

  • Spring

    The little bird chanting
    Herald of spring’s return
    White gown’s doomed to burn
    By Earth joyous panting... more »

  • Standing On The Edge Of Universe

    Standing on the edge of universe
    I look back and see
    The filthy masses
    Wriggling in the mud and manure... more »

  • Stony Graves Are Ahead

    Stony tombs are ahead
    Monuments of bygone days
    Each with its own secret
    Ready to unfold... more »

  • The Black Figure

    A black figure is there,
    Leaning against the wall,
    Grinning, gnawing on my soul
    It looks familiar, yet I know it not.... more »

  • The Haunted Token Of Love

    A little delicate miracle
    Moving, giggling, laughing
    Its little fingers
    Rise in the air... more »