• ! ! Lost! !

    Dusk lingered on as I waited for dawn,
    Freedom pushed the shell of oppression,
    The surface just cracked, did not widely open
    It is struggling ~ the devil is within... more »

  • ! ! Rocking Lullaby! !

    A lullaby as silence sings
    Back and fourth the soul swings
    Caressing and with gentle embrace
    A lullaby as silence plays... more »

  • **musical Notes Of Life **

    The sun peeks through the horizon
    In the wake of another day
    As heart drums, breathe waves
    Vibrations inside veins... more »

  • **please Wake Up...**

    With a gentle touch and a move slow
    A light streamed through my window
    Taking a twinkling steps
    The ray danced upon my face... more »

  • **sediments Of Life**

    Fresh and so curious
    With purity and innocence,
    What lies ahead, eager to know
    As a stream we start to flow... more »

  • *shining Lantern*

    I bright the darkness
    I am a lantern
    A feeble light I am
    Without my enclosure... more »

  • *what If…*

    Just a thought
    An idea escape
    Bang, bang
    Knocking the head... more »

  • ++sand Papers++

    With coarse grain of envy and theft
    Spotted across its surface
    To let you fall
    If evil thinkers scratch your heart... more »

  • +the World Is Small+

    As they shared
    different shif
    On the same spot
    they used to sit... more »

  • 100 Days

    Land was red with blood
    Tears flowed like a flood
    Life shadowed with fear
    With sorrow very deep... more »

  • A Good Omen

    In stormy gale against its speed
    You managed to fly despite the wind
    Hiking a mount against its slop
    You managed to stand upon its top... more »

  • Abyss Of Ignorance

    Endless pit
    Of hatred and greed... more »

  • At The Confluence...

    At the confluence
    Our souls converged
    Like the Blue Nile and the White
    Tears flowed as one... more »

  • Avalanches Of Solitude

    Marching down high altitude
    Engulfed by white solitude
    Avalanches of snow pile upon
    The aching part of the lonely soul... more »

  • Back In Time

    They relax be at ease
    on the face your muscles
    and your lips stretch out
    into thought as you escape... more »

  • Because It Is The Middle East

    They are simply words
    World peace human right
    They are mere utterance
    Now who spoke for them?... more »

  • Believe, Hope And Dream

    I invested in time so you can talk
    I invested in hope so you can dream
    I invested in dream so you can believe
    I invested my words so you can vision... more »

  • Beyond

    hard cover
    tattered edges
    a dull front
    with torn pages.... more »

  • Blackout

    Their eyes look but they do not see
    They seem to smile but they are not happy
    They pretend while their heart saddens
    Their body fakes while their soul suffers... more »

  • Cold Tears

    I try to stand yet I fall
    Among many I feel alone
    I try to catch, I can not reach
    I try to belong, can’t find my niche... more »

  • Confusion

    A Maze hard to exit
    An alley with a dead end
    A pendulum of uncertainty
    That swings back and fourth... more »

  • Continuation In Separation

    A continuum…
    The sun never stops shining
    Darkness never stops falling
    Seasons never stop changing... more »

  • Dare To Believe

    Scattered dreams
    Dispersed like motes of dust
    Came together
    Highlighted by shaft of light... more »

  • Don'T Go Away

    You are like a mirror, I am its reflection
    You are like a drum, I am its vibration
    You are like a waterdrop, I am its rainbow
    You are like a tree, I am its bough.... more »

  • Emancipation

    Compass of freedom directs us within
    In our soul freedom tunes, songs of redemption
    Let not liberty die in our heart
    Let not freedom dwindle in our mind... more »