• Endless Race

    When desire takes over
    Insatiable need overrides
    The mind will run a prize less one
    An endless distance …... more »

  • Enigma

    what is time?
    The changing of seasons
    or the ticking of the clock
    From a crib to a grave... more »

  • Happy Birth Day To Be Alive On Today

    When it rains…
    With every fall the earth drums
    Flowers smile and trees dance
    Along the wind in the pouring rain... more »

  • Hateful Eyes; “they' Vs “us”

    On this land we call home
    With faces we all share
    Tangled in a division ‘they’ against ‘us’
    “They” ignored their ears, muffled our cries... more »

  • Humble Sinners

    I have witnessed and I have seen
    But my mouth will always be sealed
    I am a humble sinner
    My hands clap, my feet tap... more »

  • I Am Not An Angel

    I am not an angel
    For I haven’t been able
    To dry those tears
    Tears of frustration... more »

  • In Love With Their Ego

    He feels good when he is with her
    She feels good when they are together
    She feels miserable when he is not by her side
    When she is not around, he feels very bad... more »

  • Insomniac

    Sleepless as she is
    She stares up…
    Lying on her back in her bed
    Feeling her burning hands... more »

  • Just Teen Ager...

    Just teen ager
    Fumbling for a trail
    Some tend to jock
    Some tend to mock... more »

  • Keep In Touch With A Dream

    Stay in my embrace, sleep like a baby
    Let me stroke you so gently
    Hold me so close near to your heart
    For yesterday is gone…... more »

  • Life Is Too Short

    Life is too short
    Live it to its fullest
    Love, be loved
    Have and give... more »

  • Masterpiece Of Time

    As the grass submits to the power of the wind
    So does the hands to the melody of the songs
    So s..l..o..w
    Like David's dance before the arc... more »

  • Mistaken 'she'

    From his side she was taken
    Blood and flesh after breathed in
    There she was
    A being... more »

  • Moments At Standstill

    To sow and harvest
    To collect and barn
    Clouds gather
    Rainfall to yield... more »

  • Never Struggled

    The stars never struggled to shine
    The flowers never struggled to bloom
    The birds never struggled to fly
    Your eyes never struggled for truth... more »

  • New Era

    In the new era, the twenty first
    Time of reason, intellect and rationality... more »

  • Papyrus Boat

    Float me upon the source of the Nile
    Where the sky meets the water
    And let me sing...
    'Row, Row, little boat... more »

  • Passengers With Time!

    Bumps and detour, even or steep
    we travel a road without an end
    This road of life...
    To journey along choices it has... more »

  • Peaceful Silence

    Talking to the mountains
    Listening to the sounds of the trees
    Looking at the moving clouds... more »

  • Perfect Selfishness

    Promises are always broken
    Dropped like falling petals
    Inside a soul it’s a deafening cry
    Like an iceberg emotions are frozen... more »

  • Proud Woman

    I am not only a face
    But a creation of His hands
    To the world a giver
    I am a pure soul... more »

  • Puff Of Smoke

    Weakness and strength
    Hope and pessimism
    Love and betrayal
    Loneliness and care... more »

  • Reflection Of Calmness

    When darkness comes with its rain
    When my days seem to be in its sunset
    Oh my soul be calm…
    Calm despite the noise... more »

  • Routine

    Long sigh.
    Pooh…... more »

  • See-Saw

    See saw see saw
    At times high at times low
    At times down at times up
    At times full at times sapped... more »