• Shall We?

    'When life gets tough
    and till his poverty is gone
    Let him drink and
    Remember his misery no more'... more »

  • Sigh...Uhh

    Picking a moisture
    of pain and hope
    Relief and burden
    From the depth... more »

  • Silence Of Silence

    Mystic beauty
    endless pleasure
    filled with eternity
    cascade like a fall... more »

  • Silence Spoke

    Through a settled spirit
    A wandering mind,
    And calm of my conscious
    Inside my head I heard silence... more »

  • So I Am Black

    Today, from the whip of slavery
    On my back there is no weal
    But the legacy, history and old days
    They gripped my mind, prejudice to feel.... more »

  • Take Any Thing You Want

    Take any thing you want
    from my body parts
    if it looks good on you
    take my hair,... more »

  • Third Eye

    Beyond a façade my two eyes haven’t seen
    I needed a third eye to see what is subtle
    I needed a third eye to perceive intangibles
    The finest pillars, the foundations of being... more »

  • Unspoken

    In silence we heard
    The whisper of our heart
    The beat of our veins
    The melody of our spirits... more »

  • Wasted

    If yesterday could complain
    And tomorrow could utter
    The past and future days
    How today is wasted... more »

  • We Are Colors

    We are colors, colors to time
    With varying tones
    We fade away as life goes
    We are colors, colors to life... more »

  • What Is Truth?

    Your truth againest mine
    Mine againest yours
    So many wars we fought
    So many lives we lost... more »

  • When It Comes To Love You

    If principles love were,
    when it comes to love you, to them I am for
    To Checuvera, Stalin, Gorvachov and Castro of Cuba
    I am not to their rule, to Regan and Roosevelt... more »

  • Woman


    Saw the promise of butter in milk
    Envisioned fabric in raw cotton... more »