• Another Sad Love Song

    If leaving words not said would hurt
    Then I would bleed unto the dirt
    My heart would ache
    My soul would break... more »

  • Because Of You

    It is not the sun that warms my heart
    It's his eyes when he looks into me
    It is not the fire that burns me apart
    It's the heat when I see him stare... more »

  • Blind

    Does he not see me?
    Or is he just turning a blind eye?
    Could it be, to him, I'm invisible?
    Or was it that he was never meant to be mine?... more »

  • Bliss

    Seventh Heaven is where I am
    And I'll stay there until the time should come
    But till then I'll be forever more
    Over the moon, over the clouds... more »

  • Butterfly Kisses

    The pitter patter of the rain on my window
    Reminds me of the dreams I had of you
    The way you looked into my eyes
    And you caressing me with your sensual touch... more »

  • Deny Me The Truth

    Denial is what I will start
    To heal my broken, shattered heart
    I will not say that I love him so
    And I will try to let him go... more »

  • Dreaming With Eyes Wide Open

    From the very first time
    It was the very first moment
    My heads started weaving a memory... more »

  • Fairytale Romance

    When I was a girl, once upon a time
    I read of fairytales, poetry and rhymes
    What beautiful stories I gathered from all
    Wishing it were true, it could happen in dreams of mine... more »

  • Fly Me With You

    It's like a fairytale
    A story in the clouds
    The rising sun made it all possible for me now... more »

  • He Is Beautiful

    He is beautiful
    Unlike others I've come across
    Not the usual beauty in a man I see
    He is different in ways that I cannot define... more »

  • Hearts

    My heart is filled with wonders
    I smile when I think of you
    My little soul takes flight and flutters
    Whenever you pass me through... more »

  • I Am Me

    Don't look at me
    I am not as beautiful
    Don't come so close
    I am not made of flowers... more »

  • I Love You

    I won't talk about the clouds
    Or the shining, yellow rays
    I won't speak of the moon or the stars
    I tried not to think of you today... more »

  • I Miss You, My Friend

    No words can describe what i feel inside
    No man nor woman can replace who you are to me
    You've been my angel when the devils roamed
    You were my shining light through my storms... more »

  • If Only

    Don't I deserve a second go
    To say the words I love you so
    Or didn't my face say it all
    When my eyes lit up just seeing you near... more »

  • Listen

    ... more »

  • Looking Glass

    I look into the looking glass
    I see what I see, alas
    It is not something I wish to see
    I wish something else to be... more »

  • My Smile

    I can never smile when he walks by
    The only smile for him is when I smile inside
    The only smile I have is one no one sees
    My smile is something only I can feel... more »

  • One-Sided Love

    He does not love me
    Why must I dwell on this?
    Because I still love him regardless... more »

  • Release

    Let me forget you
    Free me from the thoughts of you
    For I do not wish to hurt no more inside... more »

  • Thank You

    The days were brighter
    The nights were warm
    You made me feel like nothing can go wrong... more »

  • What Is Love?

    What makes love so wonderful?
    What makes love so great?
    What makes love so powerful?
    What makes love overshadow all hate?... more »

  • When Will I See Your Face Again

    You left while I was needing
    Without a word you went away
    No note saying you're leaving
    And everyday, it is you I am missing... more »

  • Wonderland

    Wake up
    Smell the coffee
    Don't fall asleep on me... more »

  • Words Can'T Bring Me Down

    You think I'd fall with simply words
    Your verbal abuse failed to penetrate
    It angers me
    I can't lie... more »