• Columbia


    Balanced fine upon a pillar of fire, you flew
    Up, beyond the sky’s familiar blue... more »

  • Il Papa


    In 1945, a young Catholic priest, Father Karel Wotoyla, volunteered to assist the Allied forces in Europe with the closure and evacuation of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp operated by the Nazi regime at Oswiecim in Poland. Among the human wreckage was a seventeen year old girl, who, like many others, had been starved, abused and battered almost to the point of death. When Father Wotoyla lifted her up in his arms, she was little more than a bag of bones, but was still alive, so he carried her to the trucks that were standing by to transport these survivors to the Allied medical facilities. Despite her shockingly wasted and feeble condition, she survived, and was nursed back to health. As with many of the Jewish inmates of these charnel houses, she eventually immigrated to Israel, where she married and began a family of her own.... more »

  • Vale Dale Earnhardt

    Old Glory bends slowly in the breeze, stunned, aghast
    Flutters gently, mourns silently at half-mast
    Looks down upon Daytona's high, steep banks
    Where Dale's world hurled by so fast... more »