Fawole Immanuel Taiwo Poems

One Minute Silence 1

Akin to the sword falling
From the hand of a prolific fighter
And as the pen falling
From a valiant writer... more »

Divinity's Deafness College

My knees feel the impact of my mission,
Like the mantis';
Supplicating to Divinity.
Denial has been imposed on my enticing couch,... more »

Unsung Penners

Perambulate I feature in a trance.
In it I was flaunted duo phases
In them I eye twain factions
Differ in looks and operations,... more »

Fawole Immanuel Taiwo Quotes

If such are you to be as I am peregrinating along the boulevard en route to success, I grease your elbow with a 'well-done.' The voyage so far has been lethargic and hectic, but source of vigor it is to me eying others mark completion of the journey. Abstain from ecstasy and euphoria when you mark this completion prior to mine. You might have been so predestined to roll me a red carpet.
Fawole Immanuel Taiwo
'I wish you could comprehend that I comprehend that you do not comprehend what is comprehended in my comprehension.'

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