• Her Love

    I had love once
    I let her get away
    My Love came back
    She took my heart again... more »

  • I Need Your Love

    I need your love
    I can not be me without it
    I can not be whole without you
    You are part of me... more »

  • I Watched Her While She Slept

    I watched her while she slept
    I had forgotten how love felt
    I wept
    I watched her while she slept... more »

  • Oh My Heart

    My love has returned
    My Love has returned
    Oh my heart
    The love once buried deep inside... more »

  • To Believe

    Am I a fool to believe
    I look into her eyes and
    I believe
    She loves me... more »

  • Tomorrow

    Is all of this real
    Or will I awake
    Will I have you in my life tomorrow
    Will you leave... more »