• “one Of These Days”

    One of these days I will face my fears and say I love you,
    and I will also admit I cry at night wishing to be close to you.
    My heartaches have made me feel like I will always live
    my life in agony if I’m not with you.... more »

  • A Flower, But Where Are You?

    Worthless flower,
    To scented to throw away,
    A thirst for water,
    Waiting for sky to cry to survive... more »

  • A Path

    I need a path to proceed and something to guide me.
    Achievement is something I strive for to help me survive
    these modern days of struggles.
    I have to increase my education to move on with life,... more »

  • A Place

    'Lately, I've been in deep thought. Like the drifting away when someone tells you a story that really doesn't make any sense at all. I've been thinking of all the different ways to express how my thoughts has me numb for I don't feel anything anymore, because what's the use of having any feelings if you can't use them at all?

    I spent many nig...hts outside looking up upon the starry nights. Freezing tremendously yet feel that warmth heart-felt feeling inside. I often wondered how I could match many incidents I came across that it played a picture of you in my mind. How such a feeling I continue to have ever since our first conversation that time. How I could feel thoughts just looking deeper in your eyes. How one person could have such a deep emotion yet has to live life as if everything is alright. We kissed one night yet it was only a game. Little did I know that feeling would continue after that night and flow through my veins.... more »

  • A Toast To Life

    ... more »

  • Alive Again

    Before you I was lost.
    A man with reason but no cause.
    I felt cold and many times lost.
    Confused and far from feeling love yet so close.... more »

  • All I Wanted Was Your Love

    Sun light hits my eyes, as another new day appears
    should I awake or should I just sleep.
    What’s the use of me going outside?
    you walk away whenever I approach you.... more »

  • Alpha

    A- Is for the attitude you gave me.
    B- Is for being not who I expected you to be.
    C- Is for class, which you don’t have.
    D- Is for doing the wrong things, instead of right.... more »

  • Be You

    I believe the Holy Cross leads us to many directions.
    You just have to strive to one specific direction,
    and you will get results.
    Believe in yourself, and have faith.... more »

  • Beautiful Pain

    Maybe it was me….wasn’t you…
    we talk too much we both confused…
    all I know is that I wanted you.
    I said I love you but you never said it back... more »

  • Beauty Hurts

    I appreciate the efforts you add in your beauty
    that others don't always see.
    I take notice.
    The way you put on different shades of foundation.... more »

  • Changes In Time

    Somewhere along the way we became distant.
    We let time get the best of us.
    Time is something we still don't value as much anymore.
    Remember when life was a dream and being young was so innocent?... more »

  • Communication

    ... more »

  • Confusion Of An Illusion

    You hated me yesterday but you love me today.
    You said you needed me, and I thought you meant it.
    I found out you just needed someone to give pleasure
    and make you feel better.... more »

  • Craved Intentions

    Passions, Desires, but with hot burning fire.
    Days to come, but one person to love.
    Many sunrises, but one life to come.
    Hearts are broken and love will solve it more.... more »

  • Dear ******

    ... more »

  • Decode My Love

    ... more »

  • Did You Ever?

    Did you ever stop to notice
    how much old gum is stuck
    on the concrete we walk on everyday.
    Seems to be a pretty boring thing to do.... more »

  • Don’t Cry Little Girl…

    It’s not your fault to suffer the way you do,
    and I’ll try my best to make things different for you.
    I see your watery eyes everyday,
    and it causes me pain to see someone... more »

  • Don’t Love Me

    With every kiss you blow,
    My lips are simply closed.
    For the times you said I love you
    my heart had no ears to hear you.... more »

  • Dulcely

    There aren’t words I can say
    that could describe how you’ve been
    more than a friend to me.
    You gave me love and accepted me for who I am.... more »

  • Early Am Thoughts

    ... more »

  • Earth Beauty

    When I turned away I didn’t cry,
    but I saw your tears fall.
    I watched your beauty get damage
    from the fire that started this all.... more »

  • Everlasting Friends

    We were strangers that seek for a friendship.
    The times we spent with each other made us inseparable.
    The problems we solved together made us wiser.
    We laughed together,... more »

  • First Kiss Then…

    Remember the time when we first kiss
    that the blood in our system made us feel tremulous.
    Who in the world could ever imagine
    our life would change within that first... more »