• Ahhhhhhhhh

    Aminatu cries when she makes love,
    while Abena whispers.
    And I sit watching, waiting.
    I think the sky is falling,... more »

  • Albert C.

    So simple then
    to ask that
    all that would
    be... more »

  • Animism And Cosmic Order

    The snake and the snow goose spoke.
    And we, crouched low under the big
    birch tree and made peace with
    frog and the turtle.... more »

  • Beginning

    in the beginning,
    i saw the light
    so i embraced the
    darkness and... more »

  • My Mind Speaks In My Aloness


    We can come
    together,... more »

  • Reach

    Reach into memory,
    remember unions,
    unspoiled, unbroken...
    dry those cleansing crystals,... more »

  • Reciprocity

    And I blew you a kiss,
    sent it sailing, sent it soaring
    on the winds of Oya, to keep
    you safe, make you warm.... more »

  • Voodoo

    She chanted holy words,
    my momma did.
    And me, listening all
    the while from the inside,... more »