Fiadh Fida Comments (5)

His poems are excellent, full of merits, fun, I love all these
Fiadh Fida is a great modern poet, his poems are full of modern life, love, ideas, style where he has drawn his poetic world with nature, humans His poems are very interesting to read
His poem Love And Hatred is a great success. It in short defines love and hatred outstandingly. Here it is: Love is always good If it is real, Hatred is always bad Even it is unreal.
A wise and skilled poet Fiadh Fida, writes clearly, technically, artfully and wisely, He has shown great potentiality in writing in RARe stanza, thanks, poet
Fiadh Fida is a great poet and reader. He is a wonderfully interested poerson. For him I quoted from my poem To A Poet: Hey poet! You are a great, You think of mankind Universe, nature and God, Civilizations, cultures, societies Countries, nations and communities, These all are the very subjects of you, poet ............................................... God bless you, poet