Fidelis Patronus Comments (4)

Your poetry is as loud as your emotion, I wish you luck in trying to figure out this difficult test which is life
From your poetry I see a fighter..Both you and your friend, keep fighting you will always win in life.
your work is very passionate i admire that
I am British, My wife is American, a published author and works here in a London publishing firm. Her brother is a journalist on the East coast. Her father is a professor in the States. We talk a lot about politics. I never liked Mr. Bush. After so much hysteria from Canadians and French and anyone who else who is looking for reasons to bash the president, after poems like yours that reflect a gut feeling and isn’t based on a full discussion of all the facts, After so much crusading to demonize him, like your poem, it finally had an effect on me……. I have changed my mind, and have decided to support the president of my wife’s home. Thank you for helping me make a decision that I can be proud of.