• Bottled Up

    My anger,
    Bottled up like cola,
    About to fizz and burst,
    About to unleash what's within.... more »

  • Bound By The Heart

    Bound by the feelings of love,
    The rhythmic sound of our hearts beating as one,
    I embrace the chains that bring me closer to you,
    I adore the heart that was given to me to love you,... more »

  • Staring Into Darkness

    Staring into the deep,
    I wonder what I will see,
    Tiny little moving shapes,
    Or my little demons waiting for me.... more »

  • The Blade

    Slowly sinking into the skin,
    I watch as the blood comes out from within,
    Covering my hands in a crimson tint,
    I watch as his life force burns out like a splint.... more »

  • The Melody Of The Blade

    The melody of the blade:

    I can hear it's song,... more »

  • Times Up

    The small petals of a flower,
    Slowly falling as they die,
    Reminds me of a clock,
    And when that clock strikes twelve,... more »