hiya people i'm me and if ur ok with that then koolies, if not and u want me to change then piffle (my word you cant use it) anyhoo if you wanna get to no me inbox me and any feedback/criticism would be greatly appreciated... btw the poems i have up now i wrote ages ago.... just in case u think they're shit (except for The point, and This one thought) i love drama, singing, dancing and performing, and i havent had much luck with any of my relationships


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what are jokes,
but somethig to
make you feel good,
something to drive,... more »

Darkness In The Country

darkness in the country,
brings silece and peace,
and a sense of life that,
you cannot feel in,... more »

Words Of Encouragement

i was about to give up,
writing 4 eva,
but some people said no,
that i was too good to give up,... more »

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Madly In Love 01 Jun 2007 02:51
Mason is such a great poet his poems are so beautiful i love them. If u haven't read any of his poems yet then ur missing out on some great poetry M.Z