• Absinthe Frappe

    I will free you first from burning thirst
    That is born of a night of the bowl
    Like a sun it will rise through the inky skies
    That so heavily hang over your souls... more »

  • Alleys Of Prague

    La vie est un cirque, and you are Pierrot
    I am your muse, your vintage nude
    In the alleys of Prague
    Way back in the day, cheap wine in dirty glasses... more »

  • Bohemia

    A daughter of the Mother Nature
    Bohemia, where do you lay
    Bohemia, take me away
    It's time to leave... more »

  • Close To Time

    So close
    To what you've wanted for so long
    So close and the wind takes you along
    To a place that I have seen... more »

  • Desert Of Zin

    She saw a world upside down
    Like mercury between stones in the sea
    A mirror, reflecting the trees above the ground
    And she collapsed, down and down... more »

  • Dyonisus

    having tea with a stranger,
    i laugh, that us, the great ones
    shall come back no more... more »

  • Realms Of Understanding

    The moon is what we dance with every night
    And dance we shall
    Being the gods and goddesses that we are
    Never wasting love, only sharing it... more »

  • The Gloaming

    Standing on the ground
    Hear the wind so loud
    While your children scream and shout
    You smile as big as the Atlantic Sea... more »