• Drowning

    My delicate heart has been ripped, shredded, and torn.
    deep agony overcomes me with every thought and action.
    no one can help me...
    no one can find the true me under this cloak of isolation.... more »

  • Fantasy

    I can hear it, can you?
    the soft song of the sands and the whisper of the waves,
    the soothing clicks of whales in the distance............ more »

  • Sorrow

    Glistening waters,
    Something in the frigid air.
    Something is amiss, can't you feel it?
    Massive, unforgiving ship in the distance,... more »

  • Stranded

    Clinging hopeless to life,
    Sun parched skin within blazing rays' grasp.
    Struggles to break free from this horrid place in which we call home.
    The sting of stones ripping flesh,... more »

  • The Window Tells All

    Look into this window

    can't you see it?... more »