Fleur Adcock 1934

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Poetry is a search for ways of communication; it must be conducted with openness, flexibility, and a constant readiness to listen.
Fleur Adcock (b. 1934), New Zealand poet. As quoted in Contemporary Poets, 3rd ed., by James Vinson (1980).

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Replying to Nanci Lagarenne - the poem is actually by Nina Borgin called Initiation II. https: //slowmuse.wordpress.com/tag/nina-bogin/
Looking desperately for a Fleur Adcock poem about a woman at her door turning her key to her own home. I heard it recited by David Whyte and cannot find it. Can you help? Thank you, Nanci
Read a fantastic poem by Fleur Adcock: Knife-play. The first reading is interesting but by the time you have read it a few times it grips you with a subtle charm.
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