• At The Crossing

    The tall guy in a green T-shirt,
    vanishing past me as I cross
    in the opposite direction,
    has fairy wings on his shoulders:... more »

  • Bat Soup

    But it's diluted with sky, not water,
    the aerial plankton on which they sup.
    Our solitary pipistrelle flickers
    over her chosen suburban quarter,... more »

  • Blow Flies

    If you liked them, how your heart might have lifted
    to see their neat trapezium shapes studding
    the wall like a newly landed flight of jet
    ornaments, the intensity of their black... more »

  • Happy Ending

    After they had not made love
    she pulled the sheet up over her eyes
    until he was buttoning his shirt:
    not shyness for their bodies- those... more »

  • Leaving the Tate

    Coming out with your clutch of postcards
    in a Tate gallery bag and another clutch
    of images packed into your head you pause
    on the steps to look across the river... more »

  • Mrs Baldwin

    And then there's the one about the old woman
    who very apologetically asks the way
    to Church Lane, adding 'I ought to know:... more »

  • Robert Harington1558

    Get you, with your almain rivetts (latest
    fad from Germany), and your corselet,
    and your two coats of plate! How much harness... more »

  • Spuggies

    The spuggies are back -
    a word I lifted from Basil Bunting
    and was never entirely sure how to pronounce,
    having only seen it in print, in Briggflatts,... more »

  • The Belly Dancer

    Across the road the decorators have finished;
    your flat has net curtains again
    after all these weeks, and a ‘To Let' sign.... more »

  • The Man Who X-Rayed An Orange

    Viewed from the top, he said, it was like a wheel,
    the paper-thin spokes raying out from the hub
    to the half-transparent circumference of rind,
    with small dark ellipses suspended between.... more »