• A Beautı Ful Journey

    Prepared to take a journey
    Into the future, but first the past
    As there are some things to be changed
    To allow for our love to forever last... more »

  • A Rainy Night

    In the middle of the night
    I sow my love again
    Waiting for me in the lonely road
    Like an angel under the rain... more »

  • A Road Into The Past

    I looked over my shoulder
    And what did I see?
    I road that took me back
    To the mistakes once made by me... more »

  • Describing Love

    If they describe love as a step in life
    I’ll say that it is a lesson that we have learned
    And if I can add a bit to that
    I’ll say it’s another memory that we have earned... more »

  • Did We Ever Meet?

    I met him on a spring’s day
    When all the red roses were growing
    I didn’t know if it was the right thing to do
    But only after my heart beats I was following... more »

  • For My Special Brother

    At times you think life is complex
    When all around you place the highest expectations
    Don't worry about people, they love to gossip
    You will reach your goal only with patience... more »

  • Road Of Love

    It lies in front of me like a road
    With so many directions I can take
    I stand lonely on my own
    With confused decisions I got to make... more »

  • Scared To Love

    I am scared to say I love you
    But somehow I will try
    And when I say I love you
    Can you promise not to make ma cry... more »

  • When You Miss Me

    When you are feeling sad and lonely
    Remember I will be always there
    And if you are feeling you’re on your own
    Remember I will be the one to care... more »

  • Would You Love Me ?

    Would you love me if I was different?
    From every girl that you have ever met
    And promise me our love is the only thing
    In your life that you will never regret... more »