God is my Inspiration and the Truth my enlightenment.

May My Heart be with you,
and our moments of a lifetime.

I was born in Brazil,
But In US I Live by Proud Choice.
With respect you earn my friendship,
I'm here to learn, teach me something,
let's share or fly...Free Souls in this Beautiful CyberSpace!

Be a friend, YES YOU CAN, Now is what we have,
Be yourself and say Hi!

By love I chose my Flag.
Free I Let my dreams fly,
in Color, red, white and blue.

Kind means my first name and
Loyal is my last.

Realty is the name of my business
and what I do for a living.

Here is the land I call Home,
So kind please be, and let's all be FREE
Dance, Shall We?

I love to travel and live intense emotions,
through simple life, little details, gestures...
Love, Faith, Health, Friendship, Truth, Trust...
So many are the ones I VALUE.

I believe in Growth, and Goals, but...

Beyond being someone that was born, grew up, and old died building it all up, I want to LIVE and Truly Enjoy What I HAVE NOW! ! ! Join ME for a Dream, don't worry If I fly too high...A kid by heart, a friend by all means, here I am to learn and grow with you.

Thank you! ! !


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Salvie Rosales 20 Aug 2007 11:22
I like the way you wrote this poem....It's really nice...