• …. T E R C E S…. E H T ….

    From thousand miles away my mother’s voice on the other line
    Excited about something really amazing: “THE SECRET”
    - My daughter you must read it, you must see it! It is Amazing!... more »

  • A Beautiful Flower Seeds...

    She awakes with the bird’s melody made to her in the morning,
    What a lovely day! – Stretching her arms to the sky she says
    Welcoming the butterflies with a warm kiss,
    With the help of the wind spreading her seeds,... more »

  • A Dream

    She sees him arriving,
    Handsome tall guy,
    He sees her smiling,
    Mysterious tall girl,... more »

  • A Dream As A Goal

    Into Abstract feeling
    To love someone
    And learn together
    Hands to hold trusting... more »

  • A Giver

    A little girl I was When I met my first love
    So pure, Intense… Not much I had to give
    So much I had to fear,
    Afraid of losing him, my only dear.... more »

  • A Guilty Cry...

    Sometimes I try, others it just happens
    but so fool I feel when reason hits
    How could I even cry? So much I have
    So many I love...O God, please don't punish me... more »

  • A Guy Calls Me

    A guy that likes to talk,
    to me calls everyday.
    To you God I pray,
    to light his way.... more »

  • A L I V E And Free

    Two friends on the phone, for so many years they’ve shared
    Friendly calls and confidences… together they’ve graduated
    From high school. Friends together they’ve made,
    Happiness and so many laughs jointly they’ve enhanced.... more »

  • A Life Way Reminder

    No matter what one says,
    or what storm the weather might bring,
    I shall REVIVE my soul WITH my dreams.... more »

  • A Little Frog

    A little Frog could well be
    A beating Frog in camouflage... more »

  • A Married To Be Divorced Man

    He who looks at many,
    But appreciates none.
    His when a wife, just a woman as any.
    Out he seeks as none to find in Perfection,... more »

  • A Message From A Poet...

    'Listen to your heart, let it loose and write...'
    And so I try...And suddenly emptiness results;
    My heart...So big and warm, but weak and hurt:
    Oh heart of mine, tell your secrets to the world!... more »

  • A Prostitute

    Young, heart broken,
    Free giving, her soul to life,
    Free receiving, life into her soul.... more »

  • A Will To Unit Venus And Mars

    I have decided to make my will and leave everything that I have to myself.
    Mars is scheduled to come on August 27, to stay within 34.65 miles of earth,
    Then he shall only return in 2287, by then I might be ready to rebirth,
    As for 280 years shall be well enough for two lives thenceforth,... more »

  • Addicted I Became…chocaholic

    - You won’t Understand…
    - It doesn’t matter to you…... more »

  • Adult World's

    Interesting World....
    Someone wanting something
    from you or paid by you.... more »

  • Alone

    In contact with self, identity.
    Blocked from touch,
    In deep thoughts reflecting,
    Thinking of infinite with intensity.... more »

  • Alzheimer’s

    The Worse Death, the death of Love,
    When someone you’ve always loved
    Is by your side with you, but deep inside so lost.... more »

  • American Roots

    Florida State,
    Here Orange trees grow
    Its roots over my heart... more »

  • And Ringing It Is...

    My Phone can’t stop...
    Ringing, Ringing, Ringing.
    So good it is, that it works,
    And ringing It is.... more »

  • Angel I Call

    On a friendly call from different Countries
    An Angelical voice On the background
    Joao Vitor the son, result of Infinite love of the South friends
    Celebrating his art, A party Joan Vitor made... more »

  • Are You Happy Now?

    I lost the track but not the faith
    I lost the connection can't feel you safe
    Can't tell where you are, or what you are feeling
    Don't know if you are well, neither imagine you breathing.... more »

  • Arkay D A S S - A Poet From Poem Hunter

    Nobody knows, not Even Myself,
    The wonderful secrest hidden in yourself.

    Nobody knows, not even themselves,... more »

  • At The Center Free To Flame

    At The Center of A Flame
    Powerfully bright, somehow into shame
    for its little touch of blue burning in the middle alive
    Living into sounds of Poem and romance.... more »

  • Back Alive Home In Paradise

    Outside I go as sunny it is,
    And for God I believe,
    and to live I am as blue the sky,
    the clouds out there can lift me up!... more »