• A Cat's Life

    I stand and meow or sit and purr
    I take some time to preen my fur
    Before I go to have a nap
    In my basket or on a lap... more »

  • A Toast To Toast

    One thing that I enjoy the most
    Is a simple piece of toast
    Nothing fancy or flash for me
    Just toast with a cup of tea... more »

  • A Wunch Of Bankers

    I fail to see,
    Why your blaming me,
    For your misery,
    When I want your happiness, and that is true.... more »

  • Abc

    I got to ‘A’ and was assaulted and abused
    And attacked and ambushed and anger was used
    And acute agony left me anxious and bemused... more »

  • Adrenaline Rush

    I’m an adrenaline junkie
    I live fast and hard
    I laugh at danger and give fear my best regards
    I climb up high mountains... more »

  • Ambition

    I was at my art class studying shading
    When a stranger caught my eye
    They seemed to be doing their best evading
    Glances from passers by... more »

  • An Idiot

    I'd love to be an idiot,
    And never have a care.
    About the crap that's in the sea,
    Or poison in the air.... more »

  • Cage Rage

    I’ve evolved over generations
    Many countries and many nations
    Resulting in a glorious thing
    With beauty of grace, style and wing... more »

  • Chain Mail

    My dear close favourite friend
    I have something I have to send
    On to you that I just found
    Sent to me last time around... more »

  • Cheery Year

    January is too soon here
    A damp and cold start to the year
    February follows on
    With snow and ice that’s seldom gone... more »

  • Christmas Card Cramps

    Now Christmas card writing I have Begun
    So I get my pen and start card number one:
    ‘Merry Christmas to all that you hold dear
    And the warmest of wishes for the new year... more »

  • Christmas Chaos

    Dashing to the shower
    Dashing to get dressed
    Dashing to the car to get to town before the rest... more »

  • Christmas In The Key Of Turk

    Turkey curry, turkey roast, turkey casserole
    Turkey sandwiches, turkey stew filling my bowl
    Turkey in batter followed by turkey kebabs on a skewer
    Turkey quiche and turkey cakes, now my taste buds are fewer... more »

  • Codes

    3%45((~**%~$4 ~(5? 5*{>85*5
    () 9**9$7 ~+ 651* 1$4 45(+19*
    >89@5) 85 >8%@5 >%*@4 @9? 5(1$4 (@55+(
    3%#+~) 5*() 1@! 9$ 4979) 1@ 255+(... more »

  • Concrete Jungle Safari

    Welcome to the concrete jungle safari
    Please climb aboard if you want to travel with me
    Keep arms inside all the time you’re on the tour
    Of your personal safety I want to be sure... more »

  • Credit Where It's Due

    Thank you life and nature for our bright amazing story,
    Sorry that God keeps taking all the glory.... more »

  • Critical

    Criticism affects us different ways
    Some will feel the pain for days
    When someone feels the vile need
    To do their best to try to impede... more »

  • Election Special

    “Thank you all so much for your warm applause
    I promise you that I am a very worthy cause
    I stand here proud, asking for your vote today
    As we get the election process well underway... more »

  • Embrace The Change

    I changed my hair I changed my style
    I changed my look I changed my smile
    I changed my hat to suit the fad
    I changed the clothing that I had... more »

  • Freedom

    You can say what you want, just not so anyone can hear
    You can live how you want, just not while living here
    You can criticise those in power, just never out loud
    You can be an individual, as long as you stay in the crowd... more »

  • Ghost Story

    I saw the ghost I know its true
    I know you doubt me like you do
    But it stood there as clear as you
    Big and bold and scary... more »

  • Great Date

    I know the date didn’t go that great
    Collecting you I was an hour late
    And while I was waiting in your flat
    I knocked over your plant and sat on the cat... more »

  • Hair Scare

    An easy task I thought it was, a simple thing to do
    I wandered off to the shops to get me some shampoo
    Rows and rows of plastic bottles, of all shapes and sizes
    Some to enhance what you have, and others as disguises... more »

  • Half Word Poem

    Thought I’d try something new
    As I find that just by do-
    -ing this different keeps me a-
    -head of my brain every day... more »

  • Happy Dog

    I’m a happy dog at the beach
    If I had the power of speech
    I would tell you all
    To throw my ball... more »