• Butterfly In The Groove

    Lets stope talking about me
    its became kind of history
    iam like abutterfly but in the groove so she can't fly
    theirs poeple are dieng... more »

  • Iam Fraid

    Iam fraid to take you as afriend
    I don't konw if my heart want to deal with it... more »

  • Kind Of Girl

    Iam not like all of you,
    iam just akind of girl, living hopless and loving hopless
    Its my distney, to live with beautiful friends but not abeautiful love
    Whats the wrong of me?... more »

  • Our Party

    My tears growing in your heart, fast and fast
    to let you know how much iam in love with you
    Iam get ready now,
    make aparty in your heart, but the air gets cooler and my heart pounds... more »

  • The Days Are Pase Away

    The days are pase away, and your love forgot the moments we lived
    How can i live with some one who didn't share...
    Every little thing in my life was you... more »

  • The Profe

    We run again o n the beach sand
    holding the happieness in our hands
    Waiting the moon to sleep... the stars to hide... to see the love side... more »

  • Tomorrow Night

    I want to write but theres no words
    Iwant to paint but theres no signs... more »

  • Your Distney

    Living with your distney is something you uasually do
    its a routin you are going through
    Suddenly you feel strang.... is that mean...thers achange?
    LOVE... more »