• A Cry

    Help me please I need it I am hurting quite a bit.
    My broken heart is crying my wounded soul is dieing.
    Razor blade it chases me, it will not let me be.
    He tells me I’m not worth a thing with an evil ring.... more »

  • A Life

    The story of my life
    Is more then I like to share
    So many secrets
    It may look like I don’t care... more »

  • Across The Sea

    My heart will not fit into words
    No words can hold my adoration
    You’re my wonder in another place
    Not the phantom of my imagination... more »

  • As A Book

    Babii you read my mind
    You look and you find
    You read it like you read a book
    All you do is take a look... more »

  • Attached

    I am attached to you
    For you have my heart
    And I am attached to it
    So we can’t stay apart... more »

  • Babii

    Babii you know how I have missed you
    You friendship your smile too
    Your unique the only person in my life who
    I can trust with my heart and things deep... more »

  • Beautiful Babii

    I only realized how much I love you
    It pains my heart to know I left you
    When you said you love me
    Tears rolled down my cheek... more »

  • Best Friend Babii

    Babii you lift me up when I am down
    You help me up on solid ground

    When I am too weak to stand... more »

  • Care

    A cry from the heart is cried to be heard
    Like a shooting star is meant to be seen
    Tears rolling down are to be wiped away
    As many things in life should have been... more »

  • Childs Cry

    Daddy I’m an angel
    Daddy see me fly
    Daddy watch me twirl
    An soar through the sky... more »

  • Confused

    My heart is heavy I aint know why

    Weird feelings in the sky... more »

  • Cries

    Like a block inside my chest
    Sour tears rise to my eyes
    A thousand words I want to say
    And all I get is cries... more »

  • Dad If Only

    Dad if only you could see
    What you have done to me
    Why have you done it all?
    Why did you let me fall?... more »

  • Daddy Im A Fox

    Daddy i'm a fox
    An daddy I am free
    Can’t put me in a box
    Cos daddy that’s not me... more »

  • Daily News

    A bunt fiery state of mind,
    Here sanity is hard to find.
    It is a bombed catastrophe,
    In a lust filled flirtatious city.... more »

  • Desire

    Oh the desire of my heart
    How strong you have been
    Driving me away from many
    Till the one you have seen... more »

  • Dream

    Sometimes I wish my life was a fairytale
    Where my dreams always come true
    Where everything I ever want is there
    Where I could make my always sky blue... more »

  • Far Away

    The thousand miles between us
    Have lost there surging power
    Your smile has reached me
    And made my heart to flower... more »

  • Fear

    You stood for all evil and all things wrong
    You haunted a terrorized us for so long
    Your voice was full of anger it put fear inside
    A fear which spread to my bones deep and wide... more »

  • For You Babii

    could die I could live a lie
    As I am right now
    I give up but I can’t
    I go on somehow... more »

  • Forgotten

    Trying to hold back tears
    Trying to be strong
    But its hurts to be forgotten
    What did I do wrong?... more »

  • Girl Babii

    Did I ever tell you how much you mean to me?
    Cos I doubt I ever have you see
    I have come to discover you hold a lot
    Of me in your arms, it would be wrong not... more »

  • Growing Up

    What do you do when it all feels so strange?
    Growing up so soon and fast in this world to change
    I am not a child any more way beyond that now
    Feeling like an adult but I am not quite somehow... more »

  • Hardened Heart

    A deep wounded hardened heart
    but it wasn’t that way at the start
    Was innocent and soft and pure
    beautiful to the core... more »

  • Heartbeat

    My hand over my chest
    The rhythm thru my hand
    Blood that gives life
    Blood that makes me stand... more »