• A Lie For The Truth

    how can i quench the thirsty soul in me when the pen of life doesn't guarantee the lasting water to pour down and form the words in my heart...

    you are the object which my spirit is driven to fly, spread out the wings of my desire, then embrace and try to capture you perfectly.... more »

  • A New Friend

    People long for a best frien'
    Like a lottery it is hard to win
    Until one got it all of a sudden
    But one has to guard his keepin'... more »

  • A Sonnet For You

    To move on from the past is hard indeed
    Nobody could easily try as plead;
    Though you try to project alibi,
    Someone's betrayal marks the pain and lie... more »

  • All Alone

    All alone in the dark
    Though the sun offers the unfading lights, not even a spark
    Yet its rays seem with black clouds are wrapped
    And the smoke of disaster in the heart... more »

  • All I Can Say

    I'd rather be away
    than hear what you always say
    than to watch you all day
    and in a world standing separately... more »

  • An Ordinary Dedication

    I want to say how happy I am
    Whenever I see you
    I want to jump & sing because of
    the joy you give in your presence... more »

  • Ano Pa

    Nasusunog na ang maralita kong puso
    sa init ng pgmamahal na noon pa nakatago
    nilalagnat na ang buo kong pagkatao
    sa nararamdamang hindi maipaliwanag saiyo... more »

  • Bakit Ba?

    pinilit ko nang makalimutan ka
    binura ko lahat ng ugnayan saiyo
    ngunitpagluha'y di maalis sa mata
    pagkat ang lumayoy di alam kung kaya ko... more »

  • Barkada

    An saimong pag-abot
    simbag sa pagmawot
    kan pusong napurisaw
    asin nawaran nin ilaw... more »

  • Bring Me Your Love

    i have been waiting
    since i woke up in the morning
    until the glimpse of the evening
    wrapped with soft breeze of despairing... more »

  • Bukas

    Kung ang araw ngayon ay sadyang palubog na
    at wala ng liwanag ang masisilayan pa
    hahayaan ko na lang na ito ay maganap
    kung ang tuwa nga ay sadyan di na malalasap... more »

  • Christmas In The Desert

    i walked through the lands
    where there is no end
    no direction
    no goal plan... more »

  • Coded Number 16

    I can draw a picture
    Any fabulous creature
    To mesmerize the human eye
    With crafts spectacularly sly.... more »

  • Death

    After all the days of breathing
    Of tearful coming and going
    Of shameful or blissful flattering
    One reality will make one to start a new beginning... more »

  • Desolate

    ... more »

  • Dislocated Knee

    when my knee was dislocated
    one miracle suddenly appeared
    an angel came brightly feathered
    with all the virtues that made me believe... more »

  • Do Friends Last?

    do friends last?
    when you find one
    does a friend trust?
    when you fall... more »

  • Drifting Inside

    I woke so silent in my heart
    Craving for something I don’t know what
    With unquenchable thirst of the flashing past
    To flee from the dry well I could not... more »

  • Drought

    The water runs dry
    the eyes unlearned to cry
    the boxes are open
    and emptiness fills the end... more »

  • Enough

    Enough, i did what i have to do...
    enough, i said already what i should and should not say...
    enough, i missed what i shouldn't have given time...
    and all i have is that i am in my present now...... more »

  • For The People Who Come Across

    Thank you for being good
    for sharing everything you could
    thank you for the friendship you offered
    for the laughter that can never be paid... more »

  • Go!

    I said go...
    I said now...
    I said be quick...
    I said time to do it...... more »

  • Hamak Na Makata

    Narito ka't nagmumuni na naman
    sayong sinapit ng ika'y tinalikuran
    ng buksan mo ang aklat ng iyong damdamin
    na sa kanya'y nagdolot ng asim... more »

  • Hanggang Ngayon

    bakit ba puso'y ganito
    kahit lumayo na saiyo
    nananatili ka sa alaala ko
    ang mga sandaling magkasama tayo... more »

  • Hanging

    i walked through the valley
    where i caught a bright new day
    my whole world was all free of gray
    only blue skies cover my liberty... more »