• A Recollection

    MY father's friend came once to tea.
    He laughed and talked. He spoke to me.
    But in another week they said... more »

  • Autumn Evening

    The Shadows flickering, the daylight dying,
    And I upon the old red sofa lying,
    The great brown shadows leaping up the wall,
    The sparrows twittering; and that is all. ... more »

  • Autumn Morning At Cambridge

    I ran out in the morning, when the air was clean and new,
    And all the grass was glittering and grey with autumn dew,
    I ran out to the apple tree and pulled an apple down,
    And all the bells were ringing in the old grey town. ... more »

  • Feri's Dream

    I Had a little dog, and my dog was very small;
    He licked me in the face, and he answered to my call;... more »

  • In France

    The poplars in the fields of France
    Are golden ladies come to dance ;
    But yet to see them there is none
    But I and the September sun.... more »

  • On Rupert Brooke

    A young Apollo, golden-haired,
    Stands dreaming on the verge of strife,
    Magnificently unprepared
    For the long littleness of life.... more »

  • Pre-Existence

    I laid me down upon the shore
    And dreamed a little space;
    I heard the great waves break and roar;
    The sun was on my face.... more »

  • Rhyme For A Phonetician

    Brave English language, you are strong as trees,
    Yet intricate and stately. Thus one sees
    Through branches clear-embroidered stars. You please... more »

  • The Coast: Norfolk

    As on the highway's quiet edge
    He mows the grass beside the hedge,
    The old man has for company
    The distant, grey, salt-smelling sea,... more »

  • The Guitarist Tunes Up

    With what attentive courtesy he bent
    Over his instrument;
    Not as a lordly conquerer who could
    Command both wire and wood,... more »

  • The New-Born Baby's Song

    When I was twenty inches long,
    I could not hear the thrush's song;
    The radiance of the morning skies
    Was most displeasing to my eyes.... more »

  • The Old Witch In The Copse

    I am a Witch, and a kind old Witch,
    There's many a one knows that--
    Alone I live in my little dark house
    With Pillycock, my cat.... more »

  • The Ragwort

    The thistles on the sandy flats
    Are courtiers with crimson hats ;
    The ragworts, growing up so straight,
    Are emperors who stand in state,... more »

  • The Watch

    I wakened on my hot, hard bed;
    Upon the pillow lay my head;
    Beneath the pillow I could hear
    My little watch was ticking clear. ... more »

  • To A Lady Seen From The Train

    O why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
    Missing so much and so much?
    O fat white woman whom nobody loves,... more »