• A Momentary Fixation Extending To Infinity...

    Never greater than: What do we know?
    In the box that contains us
    Wherever we go ~ A safe haven
    Our escape, holding boundaries in place... more »

  • A Promissory Note...

    With an inalienable right to flower ~ in-deed
    The journey began of a thought in a seed
    Prise open the surface and break the ground through
    To greet God knows what, and what shall I do?... more »

  • An Inner Dial Log...

    Smithereenes dins sound waves-mashing

    Dashing stones spawned aphonite... more »

  • An Inner Dial Log... Expanded...

    Smithereens... din's sound waves, mashing

    Dashing stones, spawned aphonite... more »

  • Before Liberty...

    I stand in darkness midst adrift a stone en-shrouded door
    Where trick of light would have me stand a million times and more
    Let's not me know, in truth, there is no way nor other side
    That I might enter, hide behind or lock you out... abide... more »

  • Body Language...

    ... more »

  • Dream Tricking...

    Woken up to you beside me, loved ~ but did not dare
    Outstretch my hand, caress you there ~ lying on my hair
    Your presence all around me shared, embracing
    Auras dress ~ dancing fabrics, colors rich were tracing... more »

  • Emit ~ Time Honoured Dream…

    Does Life meaning have anything without her?

    A mirror, duly, as-signed to his face
    Wherein, streamed consciousness he tracked... more »

  • Face Of Life...

    A cross ticks time...

    Scales vertical line,... more »

  • Fate: Self Made...

    I walk the path of no religion’s creed
    Or doctrine that forfeits Life’s current need
    To co-exist with I’m-plants braced by seed
    Where thought’s designed to meet a current feed... more »

  • In Gratitude...

    I give thanks as I rise to begin a new day
    Look out of my window and thanks to what may
    Greet me or treat me in a gracious array -
    Then I trust I’ll feel great, for what's underway... more »

  • Late … On My Pillow

    Love lies late on my pillow

    Gossamer winged voice resonance... more »

  • Master: 'In You' …

    A master leaves no footprints in the sand
    Of time, carved out of others by their hand
    Reflections torn, are sworn to secret … hide
    A glimpse so rich would fall … man full of pride... more »

  • Mnemosyne...

    From a centre

    I expand... more »

  • My Lord… Love… My Lady Xxx…

    My Lord…

    In my heart, I allow that you
    Touch me, not to placate, you... more »

  • Nexus…

    Walking web strings ~ centre strung

    Soft chord for travel … state upon... more »

  • Noname...

    Would silence in all it's sincerity
    arise, as in bidden
    and come to my aid
    in art of transmission... more »

  • Ocean’s Drop…

    Succinctly flows an ocean
    Contained within each drop
    A seed of thought sought motion
    Inclined dams man may stop... more »

  • Open Heart...

    Heart so fragile, opening
    Into scented blossom wings
    Stirs a memory, long forgotten melody
    Floating schemes held faithfully ~... more »

  • Pacing Directions In A Million Translations...

    Pacing directions in a million translations
    Dimensions' sensations assailing my Soul
    Breeze blowing me hither, thither and wither
    I go, fortuitously ~ Heart's accompanying bell toll... more »

  • Shadows Light:

    Shadows Light:

    Erroneous layers of two-bit players -
    Till death is the duel of cyclone slayers... more »

  • Shadows: Garment Of Light...

    Inspire me, to draw from thee
    And bring closer to my heart
    Ablaze in Glory, tried and free... more »

  • Simply Adorned...

    Simple images behind words' form veiled

    Unadorned, Soul's view on life... more »

  • Spirit Of Man ~ Hand Maiden...

    When 'I AM THAT I AM'
    Found walking this earth
    As free as any man
    Holding witness to his land... more »

  • States Of Play...

    Whispered eternity's cumbersome hold

    “Nothing is for-ever … for-ever is untold”
    Clasping at bones, tendrils clinging ~ unkind... more »