FJ Francesca Johnson I'm a metal tiger - there's your clue

Happily living in a world of truths and open-ness.......nothing rocks my boat any more. Except my man.....



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One of the all time greats on this site. Has imagination, flair, creativity and wit In fact a great all round poet.
Shes a wonderful poet, and one of my favourite ones. She writes with a lot of feeling and has that knack to convey it to the reader. Keep writing Francesca as I love what you write. Bob
I can't cook up a fish pie like her - no way - and I couldn't drive as far as her without getting wasted.... but why she wants to drive all the way there.... oh she must have her reasons.... and I certainly couldn't find the multitude of angles on the nitty gritty of life she manages to somehow, nor express them with the same level of insight, compassion, variety of styles and quirky humour that she does. No way. Come bubble with her many readers, shedding tears in laughter or in deep empathy as she breaks your heart. A very fine poet and a lovely human being. xxx jim