Francesco Petrarch 1304-1374

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and the original text of Petrarch's sonnet CCCX: Zephiro torna, e ’l bel tempo rimena, e i fiori et l’erbe, sua dolce famiglia, et garrir Progne et pianger Philomena, et primavera candida et vermiglia. Ridono i prati, e ’l ciel si rasserena; Giove s’allegra di mirar sua figlia; l’aria et l’acqua et la terra è d’amor piena; ogni animal d’amar si riconsiglia. Ma per me, lasso, tornano i piú gravi sospiri, che del cor profondo tragge quella ch’al ciel se ne portò le chiavi; et cantar augelletti, et fiorir piagge, e ’n belle donne honeste atti soavi sono un deserto, et fere aspre et selvagge.
here is one of Petrarch's sonnet - CCCX: Zephyrus returns, and brings clear weather, and flowers and grasses, the whole sweet family, and Procne’s quarrelsome call, and Philomel’s weeping, and spring’s white and vermilion. The meadows exult and the skies turn serene, Jove’s happy to see daughter Venus, air and water and earth, all full of love, every animal reconciles itself again to loving. For me, though, alas! the weightiest sighs return, drawing up out of my heart’s deeps the one who’d owned the keys to heaven. And singing of little birds and flowering fields, the pretty girls act perfectly disgraceful like in a desert, like bitter and savage beasts.