Comments About Francis Duggan

emely Yesterday
it was a really good poem.
Diana 15 Sep 04:11
I think this was a good poem
Joanna 15 Sep 12:40
I say it was a great poem
tristen 15 Sep 12:35
i thought it was a good poem
Francis Duggan 16 Apr 04:22
If You Wish to use An Old Dog's Dreaming for your assignment Alanna it is fine with me, good luck with your project 'F Duggan'
Alanna 15 Apr 10:10
i need to see the poem an old dogs dreamings for one of my assignments for school and it is due tomorrow so i need to get it done
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Trainer 07 Jan 11:11
Is there anybody can told me please where I could find a biography of Francis Duggan? thanks a lot.
Carly Miller 06 Nov 2019 01:52
When was I Love This Land Australia first published?