• A Fellow From Hibernia

    A fellow from Hibernia's shore is all I'll ever be
    From that old Land far north of here in the Atlantic sea
    I've not been there for twenty one years in time a lengthy span
    The babe back then has come of age and is now a full blown man... more »

  • A Fellow From Ireland

    Though the flag of any Nation means nothing to me
    A fellow from Ireland is all I can be
    From the place I was born and raised in I live far away
    And I might feel a stranger in the old Townland today... more »

  • A Fellow From Kanturk

    Far south of Kanturk by the babbling Allow
    That flows to the Blackwater in fields of Duhallow
    The years telling on him he used to be fitter
    In time even marble loses some of it's glitter... more »

  • A Fellow From Millstreet

    Since time has the reaper much nearer to me
    The World's great wonders i never may see
    But we are what we are with that would you agree
    And a fellow from Millstreet is all i can be... more »

  • A Fellow From Millstreet Is All

    Wherever i go to my past follows me
    And a fellow from Millstreet is all i can be
    From Claraghatlea in view of Clara Hill overlooking Claramore
    In sky miles far north of this southern shore... more »

  • A Fellow From Millstreet Is All I Can Be

    The bug of the wander it had bitten me
    Beyond Clara Mountain there were places for to see
    The Boggeragh hills in their white hats of snow
    And Finnow in brown flood waters bank high in the old fields did flow... more »

  • A Fellow From The Cork And Kerry Border

    A fellow from the Cork and Kerry border
    From the mountain road that leads to the old Paps of Shrone
    The mountain air was clean and unpolluted
    But there was no gold between the het and stone.... more »

  • A Fellow Who Was Raised Near Clara

    A fellow who was raised near Clara a two hours by car inland drive from the sea
    That's what I tell those who ask where I came from a bloke from there is all I can be
    Clara of the Boggeragh Ranges that overlook old Millsteet Town
    To be born and raised in Claraghatlea North is my only claim to renown.... more »

  • A Few Green Beers On This St Patrick's Day

    Since i was born and raised in Ireland from here in miles far away
    Perhaps i should have a few green beers on this St Patrick's day
    In memory of the long gone days of the what used to be
    To say i am not Irish would fool no one but me... more »

  • A Few Hearty Laughs

    For to keep the stress that is in you at bay
    You do need a few hearty laughs every day
    The pressures of work and the pressures of life
    You need a few laughs to combat your inner strife... more »

  • A Few Things In Common

    A few things in common all people do share
    That goes for the pauper and the billionaire
    The poor of the World can say life's unfair
    But we are all born to die and we breathe the same air... more »

  • A Final

    Though we will never hear the tolling for us of the funeral bell
    For all of us there will be a final farewell
    Since we are born as mortals why otherwise pretend
    Life is a journey for us that will end... more »

  • A Final Day

    For every songbird there is a final Spring
    A last chance to breed and a last song to sing
    Us humans too will have our last night and day
    And life will go on and time will tick away... more »

  • A Final Farewell

    A sad enough sound is the funeral bell
    For some male or female a final farewell
    Tolling in the belfry of the church nearby
    It's slow peals echoing in the calm morning sky... more »

  • A Final Spring

    The songbird does have a last song for to sing
    And for all of us there will be a final Spring
    The difference between us and the birds is that we do realize
    That for us there will be a last sunset and a last sunrise... more »

  • A First Crush

    In my memory she still looks lovely and in my memory she's still nineteen
    And I visualize her this moment picking bluebells from the ditch of the bohreen
    So lovely and young and so happy her brown hair blowing in the Spring breeze
    The hawthorns laden with white blossoms and birds sing on bushes and trees... more »

  • A Flock Of Roost Bound Starlings

    They turn and twist in circles as they fly
    A flock of roost bound starlings in the darkening sky
    For the watching eyes quite an amazing sight
    For to see them as they twist and turn in flight... more »

  • A Flock Of Starlings

    A flock of starlings of at least 500 starlings in the darkening evening sky
    Towards the reed beds in the swamplands for to roost they quickly fly
    In a tight flock together they fly at such great speed
    They seem to be quite leaderless a leader they don't need... more »

  • A Flower From Mumbai

    Brown skin and dark hair with a smile on her face
    A beautiful young woman of charm and grace
    Her home City from here it is far away
    The pride of Warrnambool is a flower from Mumbai... more »

  • A Flutter Of Joy

    The weather blustery and showery the sky looking gray
    And behind the clouds the sun hiding away
    But in the park playground the laughter of children at play
    A flutter of joy does bring to my day... more »

  • A Fly Stuck In A Spider's Web

    A fly stuck in a spider's web gives a buzzing distress call
    Too entangled for to fly free and too powerless for to crawl
    Unto a safer surface for it no get away
    The sleeky black house spider rushes forth and grabs it's prey.... more »

  • A Form Of Admiration

    The people who to you would never drink a toast
    Those who are jealous of you admire you the most
    Jealousy is a form of admiration turned upside down
    And those who are jealous crave their own renown... more »

  • A Form Of Control

    A form of control is all I have to say
    To try to change people from their natural way
    We took from them their Country take more than we give
    And want to control them tell them how to live... more »

  • A Former Koroit Beauty

    With hair dye she cloaks time's natural gray
    She was a Koroit beauty but in Koroit did not stay
    When she was much younger in her physical prime
    But this is going back some four decades in time... more »

  • A Former Rose

    In her twenties her shoulder length wavy hair was nugget brown
    When she was the Rose of the old country town
    But now in blonde hair dye she cloaks her silver gray
    The divorced grandmother has known a far better day... more »