• Daydreams Are Just That

    When i was much younger near a far away town
    I often did daydream of literary renown
    But daydreams are just that and seldom come true
    And from penning rhymes fame and wealth is not my due... more »

  • De Valera And Collins

    Of their imprint on the history of Ireland they cannot be denied
    But De Valera and Collins were known to divide
    Even family members in Ireland's civil strife
    When many people died in a tragic loss of life... more »

  • Dead Heroes More Heroes

    Where many the mother did grieve for her dead son
    The heroes of long gone battles that were lost or won
    They believed they were fighting for freedom and National pride
    But was it for freedom that they fought and they died... more »

  • Dead In The Flesh Only

    They may be deceased but in my memory they have not died
    My boyhood mentors from the far countryside
    Their wonderful insights with me does remain
    And in my flights of fancy I see them again... more »

  • Dead Long Enough

    You suffer of mental depression life on you and your kind can be tough
    But you may as well try to be happy for you will be dead long enough
    The longest lived human life in time a short span so make the most of every day
    The clock ticking on our existence and ticking and ticking away... more »

  • Dead Possums

    A brush tail possum has died in the ceiling the strong scent of death and decay
    Has been wafting down through the ceiling boards for many the night and the day
    The smell will remain for a few weeks in time it will soon fade away
    But the bones of the deceased marsupial in the ceiling where he or she died will lay... more »

  • Dean

    He hails from the wide and brown country the land of the big sky
    Hundreds of miles north west of here even as the crow might fly
    Yet he does not yearn for places off of the beaten track
    He is happy in the big Town the man from the Outback.... more »

  • Dear Beautiful Lady

    The years may have left your hair looking quite gray
    But beautiful lady how are you today
    In your kind gray eyes a kind God I can see
    The beauty you possess seems obvious to me... more »

  • Dear Friends And Good People

    Dear friends and good people we may never more see
    But they remain with us in our memory
    In our thoughts they remain young as the friends we did know
    The friends we grew up with many decades ago.... more »

  • Dear Friends Of Past Years

    May you be successful and know of prosperity
    My friends of past decades you were good to me
    And may you know of love and may you live carefree
    Till my end you will live on in my memory,... more »

  • Dear Friends Of The Past

    Dear friends of the past a good friendship we've known
    But apart from each other 'twould seem we have grown
    We shared much in common but not any more
    Since a different future for us was in store.... more »

  • Dear Gillian

    We do miss her kind and her beautiful face
    And without her the neighbourhood a sadder place
    Gillian was fit and healthy for one of seventy three
    But last week of heart failure she died suddenly... more »

  • Dearest Heart Of Chestnut Lane

    She was such a lovely lady so dependable and true
    I have never known her equal kinder soul I never knew
    Since she died I feel so lonely life for me doesn't seem the same
    Without Kate my foster mother dearest heart of Chestnut Lane.... more »

  • Death Became His Friend

    Forsaken by his wife and financially down on his luck
    And for a way out of his problems he was mentally stuck
    As he drove on the freeway in the Winter morning sunshine
    On his way to work at around quarter to nine... more »

  • Death By Gun

    The hare raced from a clump of grass
    His hounds went in pursuit
    He raised his gun and shot the creature dead
    In us all lurks the brute.... more »

  • Death Comes To Us All

    Death comes to the living at the end of their life
    It happens to the husband and it happens to the wife
    It happens to the girl and it happens to the boy
    Some granted a short spell for to live and enjoy,... more »

  • Death Does Come To Everyone

    Death does come to everyone eventually
    But feel grateful for every dawn you wake to see
    For some today will be their last living day
    We do not know when the Reaper of lives will come reaping our way... more »

  • Death In Flinders Lane

    The City was quiet under Winter dawn skies
    And so few on the street before sunrise
    But gunfire on Flinders Lane did echo around
    Amongst two badly injured one dead to be found.... more »

  • Death Makes Everyone Equal

    Death makes everyone equal though with this some may not agree
    It does transcend the borders of inequality
    James Shirley in his poem Death The Leveller said it all
    The greatest to the scythe of Life's Reaper does fall... more »

  • Death Makes Them The Same

    You will not find any money where dead people lay
    You cannot take it with you as the wise one does say
    In the dark grave in the ground far from the noisy crowd
    There are not any cash pockets in the burial shroud... more »

  • Death Makes Us All Equal

    In life we may not be equal to the monarch and the president you as well as i
    Though that is going to happen on the day we all die
    That death makes us all equal happens to be true
    Since we are born to die equality is eventually our due... more »

  • Death Makes Us All Equal And This Is Not A Lie

    It is only of those seen to be successful we hear of and read
    Their life journey for many to failure does lead
    For millions their life journey does not lead to anywhere
    The unknown to all of the big World out there.... more »

  • Death Makes Us Equal

    Since for each one of us there's a last night and day
    Death does make us equal it does seem this way
    The living pauper is better off than the celebrated dead
    Where there is life there is hope as has often been said... more »

  • Death May Create Martyrs

    Death may create Martyrs but facts never lie
    You cannot help your Country if for it you die
    You may not like or agree with what I have to say
    That a living coward is worth more than a dead hero I see it that way... more »

  • Death Of A Baby Spotted Dove

    A hot day in mid January and scarce a puff of breeze
    And John and Dave in cherry picker up by power line trimming trees
    The cut back from the line three metres and the order cut to code
    A mile out of olinda just off mount Dandy Road.... more »