• Death Of A Dove

    'Twas Shane who gave the spotted dove to me
    That he'd found by the Pittosporum tree
    From upper branch she'd fallen to the ground
    Though predator he had not seen around.... more »

  • Death Of A Mouse

    As i stood in phone booth by Swansea road
    The sky was dark though street lights brightly glowed
    And those street lights lit the busy motorway
    And i could see as if it were bright day.... more »

  • Death Of A Refugee

    At least of his cares he is finally free
    He died on Manus Island the poor refugee
    A Tamil from Sri Lanka in detention for years
    The poor bloke his passing has gone with few tears... more »

  • Death Of A Traveller

    With her man she shared the ups and downs of life
    And she raised seven children the traveller's wife
    By seven Summers she had outlived her man
    Though her end was now near she lay dying in her van.... more »

  • Death Of A Young Girl's Pet

    Tears of lament young Anna cried
    On the day her little rabbit died
    The timid creature's name was Jim
    And she felt very fond of him.... more »

  • Death The Great Equalizer

    Some die of natural causes some in a tragic way
    But for every single one of us a final night and day
    Without respect for the power of wealth and without respect for fame
    Death the great equalizer treats everyone as the same... more »

  • Death The Leveller Lives On

    The poet John Shirley was right about death 'tis the great equalizer
    It brings the king down to the size of the so called failed provider
    Money may keep the wealthy alive just for a few years longer
    And though the power of money may be strong the power of death is stronger.... more »

  • Deceased In Name Only

    Deceased in name only our deceased friends not gone
    From us forever in our memories they live on
    As long as the faculty of memory we retain
    Our departed friends not truly deceased with us they remain... more »

  • Deceased Pets

    We know when animals are not feeling well
    Though of how they feel to us they cannot tell
    And people do grieve when their pets do die
    The story of a four legged friend is not based on a lie.... more »

  • Deceitful Government Leaders

    Why disrespect those we see as different and why call them out of name
    For the unrest in the World today no one side is to blame
    It was a wise one who first said two wrongs never make a right
    Most people with real power in the World are lacking on insight... more »

  • December By The Merri

    December near to Christmas in the City of Warrnambool
    And the happy echo of laughter in the deep dark Merri River pool
    Of teenagers enjoying themselves in the evening sunshine
    In weather warm and pleasant with a temperature high of twenty nine... more »

  • December By The Mountains

    December by the mountains the mountains far away
    And the old fields by the high wood in the morning looking gray
    It has been freezing overnight a cold chill is in the breeze
    And the hungry rooks are calling on the leafless old beech trees.... more »

  • December Far Away

    The old hill is wearing it's white hat of snow
    And it is cold in the fields where the rushes do grow
    Brown storm water flowing high in stream and drain
    On it's way to the big river swollen by recent rain... more »

  • December In Duhallow

    A long way from here this far southern shore
    To the high fields by Clara of green Claramore
    Storm Desmond has passed but signs of it remain
    In the waterlogged fields from the downpour of recent heavy rain... more »

  • December In Duhallow And Sliabh Luachra

    The Boggeraghs are cloaked in the fogs rains of gray
    It is cold, wet and windy in Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra today
    A forecast high for the day of a chilly three degrees
    And the cold winds are howling in the bare deciduous trees... more »

  • Declan

    Declan says of himself i am not a patriot of that i won't lie
    For flag or for country i never would die
    I do not wish to be one of the heroic dead
    I hope for a long and a happy life of me ahead... more »

  • Dedicated To The Memory Of Irene Mccormack

    They dragged Sister Irene and four local men to the Mountain Village Square
    And after a brief sham trial the five were murdered there
    Found guilty by 'The Shining Path' of helping those in poverty
    Another shameful episode in human history.... more »

  • Dee Jayne

    Doesn't matter if you are young middle aged or one of the old blokes or old dears
    Dee Jayne is the one for to check out your ears
    An expert on hearing of her one can say
    She renders a good service and is easy to pay... more »

  • Deirdre's Site

    As I browsed on the internet I came upon Deirdre's site
    Her picture tells more of her than any words that one could write
    For she surely looked beautiful so innocent and young
    And tears have been shed for her and her praises have been sung.... more »

  • Den Jack

    Though perhaps he never spent much time at school
    Old Den Jack was never anybody's fool
    And you might be pressed to find wiser than he
    For wisdom never comes with a college degree.... more »

  • Den Joe

    He's been driving trucks on the roads of Duhallow
    For years and years long as I can recall
    Bred and raised in Millstreet Town where he's still living
    And in Millstreet he is known by one and all.... more »

  • Den Joe Murphy

    One of the strongest men in Cullen in his physical prime
    Though like all others he eventually fell victim to time
    Den Joe one of the nice people of Lisnaboy
    His few pints of porter he used to enjoy... more »

  • Den Joe Of Lisnaboy

    Though not well known outside of Cullen for he was rather shy
    A hero of my childhood was Den Joe of Lisnaboy
    He lived alone on his small farm a lonely sort of life
    Though some men are far better off 'twould seem without a wife.... more »

  • Denis Cashman

    His farm on the hill of Tullig and his family and his wife
    Were the things that really mattered most in Denis Cashman's life
    Never into self promotion the quiet achiever in his own way
    Such a good and honest person one of him could only say... more »

  • Denis Corcoran

    Denis Corcoran as a young man left Kilmeedy and he went to live in the U.S of A
    And there he earnt his living as a Fireman he was a big and brave man on his day
    But as the years went on he thought of Millstreet and of the fields by Clara far away
    He visualized the bohreens and the hedgerows and the hawthorns in their white flowers of the May.... more »