• Denis Duggan

    That he did not live to a great age does seem quite sad to say
    One of the famed Duggans of Millstreet Town Denis has passed away
    He was in his late sixties when to the Reaper's scythe he did fall
    The fate of Denis Duggan is the fate that awaits us all.... more »

  • Denis Florence Maccarthy

    Far more than a literary fellow of note
    Denis Florence MacCarthy he was a great poet
    So many of his time to anonymity gone
    But the poems of MacCarthy are read and living on... more »

  • Denis Galvin

    He did not live to grow old, frail and gray
    So sad to know that Denis passed away
    In St Mary's Cemetery his last remains now lay
    He was a decent man in every way.... more »

  • Denis Healy

    He was a good person in him nothing small
    Years ago he played for the Slanan Rovers Club in Gaelic Football
    When he was a younger man in his life's prime
    Though this is going back many Seasons in time... more »

  • Denis Kadman

    His ancestors were the first Australians and they came here sixty thousand years ago
    But Denis doesn't seek advantage of his heritage a more honourable person I have yet to know
    No he is one who never seek advantage he is a moral man in every way
    And if everybody were like Denis Kadman the World to live in would be quite okay.... more »

  • Denis Kelleher Of Aubane Cross

    Such sad news online that i read of today
    Denis Kelleher of Aubane Cross from life has passed away
    Due to his association with the Aubane and later St John's Gaelic Football Clubs he became widely known
    And in Aubane they will grieve him as one of their own... more »

  • Denis Kevans

    Despite his fame a down to earth fellow untainted by conceit
    Denis Kevans was known as Australia's Poet Lorikeet
    A skit used by those who do not like modern poetry since Denis wrote in rhyme
    One might say as a poetic rebel the best of his time... more »

  • Denis Mac

    Denis Mac was a builder and was good at Gaelic football
    And he owned the Star Ballroom a famous dance hall
    He knew of success and he lived a long life
    And grew old in Millstreet Town with Cis Murphy his Millstreet wife... more »

  • Denis Murphy

    As a young man Denis Murphy travelled far and wide
    But he came home to grow old in his own countryside
    In Claramore he was born and raised and in nearby Claraghatlea he did reside
    In his home near the entrance to Tubrid Well until the day... more »

  • Denis Murphy Is Now At Rest

    Though in Newmarket he did live some of his life span
    In Millstreet he was born and raised and grew into a man
    A quiet sort of a fellow with few words to say
    Though about him he did have a very nice way... more »

  • Denis Napthine

    Denis Napthine the Premier of Victoria the polls have him on the way out
    Though doubtless he will hang on to his seat in Parliament of that there is little doubt
    But if the Liberal- Nationals lose Government i am sure Denis from politics will call it a day
    Since when most Premiers lose real political power they give politics away... more »

  • Denis O' Mahony

    Denis O'Mahony the Inchaleigh mountain climber the man who has climbed to the summit of many a hill
    In his early to his mid sixties as is said time does not stand still
    He has a passion for hill climbing the steep heights he does not fear
    He has been climbing mountains for many a year... more »

  • Denis 'sal' O' Sullivan

    He was born and raised in the Town of Millstreet
    An honest and likeable fellow one free of conceit
    But in the old Hometown Denis did not stay
    And in England his last remains at rest do lay... more »

  • Dennie Mccarthy

    Never more to be seen in Kilmeedy though from there he does not lay far away
    And he surely did have a good innings that would be a fair thing to say
    Dennie McCarthy was in his early nineties when the grim reaper paid him the call
    The reaper who sooner or later will one day claim the lives of us all... more »

  • Dennington Town

    Of many nationalities and races of black, white and brown
    The beautiful women of Dennington Town
    Where many greet you with a smile on their face
    A stranger in Dennington never feels out of place... more »

  • Dennington's Rose

    She hails from the place where the dark Merri flow
    As on towards Lady Bay it crawls deep and slow
    Her shoulder length hair is as dark as the wing of a crow
    A beautiful woman in her early twenties she has the inner glow... more »

  • Dennis O' Sullivan

    It is nice to see him honored in such a way
    As he lived as a good person in truth one can say
    In the Liscarroll Donkey Sanctuary a plaque to honor his name
    Dennis O' Sullivan does deserve his own slice of fame... more »

  • Dennis Singleton

    The old clock of time becomes everyone's foe
    He left Carriglea many Seasons ago
    For to live in New York in the U S of A
    Though in Florida he lived his last night and day... more »

  • Denny Dennehy And Good As Gold

    A story from the nineteen twenties from Duhallow one that is often told
    About a famed track greyhound his name was Good As Gold
    Bred and owned by Denny Dennehy one known far beyond Millstreet Town
    To have bred and owned the World's most expensive dog not his only claim to renown... more »

  • Denny Hickey

    Denny Hickey from Gortnacreha he died far away
    In Birmingham in England he lived his last night and day
    But he is at home in Cullen to stay
    In the cemetery in the Village his last remains lay... more »

  • Denny Long Of Annagloor

    A two time All Star Gaelic Footballer about him he inspired many a song
    The pride of Cork and Millstreet the marvellous Denny Long
    Arguably Ireland's finest midfielder when he was in his prime
    The memory of his greatness will not fade out in time.... more »

  • Denny Murphy Of Shanaknuck

    Never more in the Bush Bar we'll see Denny Murphy enjoying his saturday evening till late
    A clever and a well travelled fellow to many he was a good mate
    And Shanaknuck for his passing the poorer his equals not seen every day
    He is now with the departed of Millstreet and his bones at rest forever lay.... more »

  • Denny Murray

    He clipped horses and sprayed gardens and he earnt his every pound
    And he worked all around Duhallow and he was known for miles around
    And he drank gallons of porter after short spells on the dry
    And we all knew Denny Murray and his jokes we did enjoy.... more »

  • Denny Murray Was Our Hero

    The man who owned the stud stallions Rambling Boy and Rising Light
    And who was widely known as the man to kill the blight
    In fancy i do see Denny Murray today
    On horse drawn sprayer spraying the potato gardens from here far away... more »

  • Denny Owen

    Born and raised in Claraghatlea a mile from the town of Millstreet and admired and respected and widely known
    And though he had lived for years in Bandon we used to claim him as one of our own
    And as a primary school going boy in the fifties to this day I can recall
    When Denny Owen the Politician was a Minister in Ireland's Dail.... more »