• Did Christ Really Die For Us On Calvary

    Some of the old Celtic beliefs for some decades survived
    After Patrick the missionary from Britain arrived
    But he tied us to God and he tied us to Rome
    And the Vatican became for the Irish their spiritual home.... more »

  • Did Christ Walk On Water

    Did Christ walk on water why bother ask me
    Since I only believe what my own eyes do see
    I am a non believer to a God I don't pray
    It does take all kind as some are known to say... more »

  • Did Tell You Different

    The good years behind me old age is ahead
    And too much about life I have written of and said
    Though a rhymer by Nature my best years long gone
    I must be addictive for to keep on rhyming on... more »

  • Did You Ever

    Did you ever feel quite worthless had an emptiness within
    And you felt you were a loser that you were not born to win
    For years working in the same job never had a raise in pay
    And you struggle to make ends meet life's a struggle all the way.... more »

  • Did You Ever Feel

    Did you ever feel quite suicidal since success you never may know
    That despite your hard work and best efforts for your time you have nothing to show
    Quite bored of your unhappy existence you know what the hard life's about
    And for you an inglorious ending may not be a bad way out... more »

  • Did You Ever Feel Confused

    Did you ever feel confused in your thinking as some of us do now and then
    Well all cannot be perfect women and all cannot be perfect men
    And all of us cannot be winners for one to win many must lose
    And I do not agree with those who tell us that success is a thing you can choose.... more »

  • Did You Ever Feel Disappointed

    Did you ever feel disappointed to find your best not good enough
    Yet you did keep on persevering though you found the going rather tough
    But your doubters you are determined to prove wrong you will not quit after one failed try
    At least you do prove you have courage and that of you none can deny,... more »

  • Die I Must One Day

    I hate the very thought of dying but die i must one day
    Since death is one fact in our lives on which we do not have a say
    I hope for to cling on to life for as long as i can
    And without pain die in my sleep as a very old man... more »

  • Difference Makes Us Interesting

    We look at life one might say quite differently
    And on very few subjects we seem to agree
    The opinions you express are quite different to mine
    What you think is your business and that suits me fine... more »

  • Difference She Do Embrace

    She was born and raised and married and raised her children here in this old Rural Town
    And her husband in the local cemetery lay at peace two metres down
    And she in her early sixties her own truth has to face
    That she is destined to die here although she hates the place.... more »

  • Different Eyes

    Through different eyes difference we do see

    What is beautiful to you may not be so to me... more »

  • Different Ideas On Success

    People compete for success every day
    But different people look at success in many a different way
    Though the praises of money and material possesions many may sing
    And to young aspirational people this is now an in thing... more »

  • Different In Every Way

    Of the Praises of celebrities the masses do sing
    And though to like to be loved is a natural thing
    Self conceit is not healthy for the mind and not good for the soul
    And an over-inflated ego on the higher self can take toll... more »

  • Different To Mine

    On few things at all we do seem to agree
    The heroes to you are not heroes to me
    My heroes not aggressive in any sort of a way
    They do good deeds for others without asking for pay... more »

  • Dimitri

    There was a time when with Athens finest dancers he could hold the floor
    And he could dance non stop for three hours or even four
    But Dimitri won't be going back home any more
    And his bones will rest here in a foreign shore.... more »

  • Dino

    He went back home to Italy to live out his twilight years
    And in the pub party for him his friends farewelled him in tears
    In this great Southern Country he made new friends every day
    But Dino he has gone back home to greet the flowers of May,... more »

  • Dino And Marie

    Dino and Marie have shed their last tears for Rome
    Nowadays they feel happy to call Australia home
    In their early twenties in nineteen seventy three
    They came to Australia adventurous, young and carefree... more »

  • Dino From Milan

    Dino has lived in Australia for most of his life
    Ten times a great grand dad Jody his Australian wife
    Passed from life of cancer a decade ago
    Which left the poor man under a cloud of woe... more »

  • Dino Will Not Be Going Back

    Dino will not be going back to Milan i feel content where i am he does say
    Why should i return to a City where i would be a stranger today
    My brother and sister now deceased in Milan their last remains lay
    Not been back since i left sixty five years ago from there i have been so long away... more »

  • Dippers

    In the river in the field where the rushes in clusters do grow
    The dark brown water bird with breast white as snow
    Can be heard singing where the rapids flow
    A Nature's voice from the past that i used to know... more »

  • Dirty Suburban Factory Chimney

    Dirty suburban factory chimney puff black smoke to the sky
    Filling the air with pollution and some grow sick and die
    Of cancer and related illnesses that to pollution relate
    When Governments create more work for people, suffering and death they too create.... more »

  • Disappointment To One With A Huge Ego

    Disappointment to one with a huge ego is a huge mental fall
    But to the humble of mind the biggest disappointment not that big at all
    At least anyhow this is how it seems to me
    Though others may see it in ways differently... more »

  • Disciples

    Human existence seems to revolve around material success
    You are judged by your job or your postal address
    You are even judged by the company you choose to keep
    And you follow flawed leaders as if you are a sheep... more »

  • Dispossession

    Most great cities are built on the Lands of the Indigenous the sinned against and the oppressed
    And the truth to us though it may seem bitter is that we live on the Lands of the dispossessed
    And the same has happened all around the World in human history dispossession is rife
    By so called great warriors many great races have been rendered extinct aggression is part of human life.... more »

  • Disrespect

    On how we treat others we do have a choice
    Like we have control over our tone of voice
    For rude and insulting behavior to pay there's a price
    And most do seem drawn to people who are nice... more »