• Distance Far Away

    In Claraghatlea near Millstreet town my first homeplace
    To many today there mine would be a stranger's face
    I have not been there for some thirty three years
    And for what used to be I have shed my last tears... more »

  • Distinctive From Other Birds

    I see them often though not every day
    The whistling blackbird sized birds of brown and gray
    From wooded places never far away
    Near where trees and bushes are they like to stay... more »

  • Distinctive In Their Voices The Creatures Of The Night

    The night it is calm with the slightest of breeze
    The male possums fighting on the moonlit trees
    Distinct from domestic dog in the wildness of his or her cry
    The hunting fox barking in the paddock nearby... more »

  • Django

    Django is a wild young lad
    In ways not unlike his dad
    When he was younger years ago
    Till the tick of time became his foe... more »

  • Django Reinhardt

    Django Reinhardt was born in Belgium as the record of his life show
    At Liberchies of gipsy parents over ninety years ago
    And he died in France at Fontainebleau in nineteen fifty three in May
    From the most humble of beginnings he had gone a long long way.... more »

  • Django Ry Ladds

    Called after Django Rheinhardt the greatest guitarist of his time
    There was none greater than him when he was in his prime,
    To the Ladds and the Veal families he's the new pride and joy
    A toast to Damian and Vanessa and their fair haired baby boy.... more »

  • Do Block Thoughts

    Do block thoughts of them from your mind
    Those to you who have been unkind
    Such cruel thing of you they did say
    But to karma for such they must pay... more »

  • Do I Too Have The Flaws

    It is said what you see in others reflect the real you
    When I see some people as arrogant I must be arrogant too
    Do I too have the flaws that in others I does see
    And am I not the person I think that is me?... more »

  • Do Laugh And Be Happy

    Do laugh loud and be happy as some are known to say
    And do not take yourself too seriously and make the most of every day
    The years go by so quickly and time keeps ticking away
    The early flowers that come to bloom are the first to decay... more »

  • Do Leave It To Others

    Self promotion nowadays with many seems to be the in thing
    But it would be better to leave it to others your praises to sing
    Though boasters it does seem are no longer rare
    People with some humility have discretion and are more self aware... more »

  • Do Not Ask Me

    Do not ask me what is good or not good poetry since to pass judgement on such I am not qualified
    That is the job of the paid literary critics in their knowledge of literature they take a great pride
    A poet to one to another is a poetaster that's how it is and how it will always be
    Though I have my opinions I am not a judge of writers since I do not have a literary degree... more »

  • Do Not Believe Those Who Tell You

    Do not believe those who tell you that crime does not pay
    Major criminals among the wealthiest people in the World of today
    Some known billionaires into crime in a big way
    Money speaks every language as the wise one does say... more »

  • Do Not Call Me Sir Or Mister

    Do not call me sir or mister such titles not worthy of me
    Just call me Frank, Francis or Francie since i do answer to all three
    Sir and mister does seem a bit formal i am not into formality
    Those who like titles to their names welcome suppose we all do see things differently... more »

  • Do Not Expect

    Do not expect a cheap product to last until amen day
    You get what you pay for as some like to say
    Like what you put into life in return you receive
    At least anyway that's what i do believe... more »

  • Do Not Go To Plan

    It is true that every good woman deserves a good man
    But all things in life never do go to plan
    And some women who are loving good and faithful wives
    Do have rather horrible men in their lives... more »

  • Do Not Hate Your Neighbour's Cat Mandy

    Do not hate your neighbour's cat Mandy for he feels he has not done wrong
    By killing the golden billed blackbird and robbing your garden of his song
    He does not have a guilty conscience a bird to him is only prey
    Our own kind are far greater killers though you do not see it that way.... more »

  • Do Not Judge Him Too Harshly

    Do not judge him too harshly if you judge him at all
    In his hard life he has hit the mental wall
    He has not harmed you or harmed anyone
    And his mother like your mother is of you is proud to have him as a son... more »

  • Do Not Judge Me By My Verses

    I have been seen as negative as one who doesn't believe in hope
    And 'twould seem with day to day existence I find it hard to cope
    But don't judge me by my verses as my verses are not me
    And there is more to a person far more than the eye can see.... more »

  • Do Not Judge Me For

    Do not judge me for my religion or lack of it or for my skin color or race
    Or for my age or for my gender or the look of my face
    Or of my nationality or employment status or by my postal address
    It scarce matters to me if you I do not happen to impress... more »

  • Do Not Judge Me If

    Do not judge me if I do not believe in life after death
    If I can only visualize a dark nothingness beyond my life's final breath
    If you see me as damned well that suits me fine
    Since what you think of me is no business of mine... more »

  • Do Not Judge The Man

    Do not judge the man by his suit the suit never does make the man
    It is the thoughts in the mind that does matter though the best of human technology thought cannot scan
    What makes the man is not his money or the suit of clothes he does wear
    Though the wealthy well dressed man may win for himself admirers wealthy and well dressed men with empathy are known to be rare... more »

  • Do Not Knock Him

    Do not knock him if in words you cannot give him his due
    To his higher self he is one who is true
    He is a far better person than you or I
    Judge not and thou shalt not be judged is not based on a lie... more »

  • Do Not Know

    Do not know if my long deceased father and mother would be proud to call me son
    I am not one of the successful great things I have never done
    Just another average plodder who cannot boast of a degree
    At the twilight of my existence time is running out on me... more »

  • Do Not Know For

    My life's journey began from here far away
    And where and when i will die do not know for to say
    For my every mistake in life i have been made to pay
    But we learn as we live since life is this way... more »

  • Do Not Know For To Say

    My life's journey began from here far away
    And where and when i will die do not know for to say
    For my every mistake in life i have been made to pay
    But we learn as we live since life is this way... more »