• Do Not Leave Bill Gates Out

    Of flawed leaders such as Trump or Putin i would prefer not to hear
    Since all they do seem to offer is fear
    Of a nuclear war where millions if not billions of people would die
    Those who say power is might believe in their own lie... more »

  • Do Not Leave It To Others

    Though politicians in their policies on our lives in some ways impact
    Of the truth of the matter there is only one fact
    That if you wish for a better World to live in
    Do not leave it to others with yourself you begin... more »

  • Do Not Make Fun Of The Poor Woman

    Do not make fun of the poor woman she may be old wrinkled and gray
    She once was a young person like you are and you will be like her one day
    And you too will look old and wrinkled and you too will walk stiff and slow
    The woman is in her mid eighties and respect to her you ought to show.... more »

  • Do Not Pity Those

    Do not pity those in the ground of the dead
    Since they are at peace now of them that can be said
    Their worries behind them and at peace they lay
    Like leaves of the Autumn in Nature's decay... more »

  • Do Not Say Of Him

    Do not say of him he's lucky for that would be a lie
    Left on the roadway by a hit and run driver though he refused to die
    Physically he is diminished he will never be the same
    He walks with a visible limp condemned to live as lame.... more »

  • Do Not Take Life Too Seriously

    Do not take life too seriuously as time quickly ticks away
    And soon you will be older and using hair dye to cloak your gray
    Few wish to know the sad faced one as some are known to say
    You may as well be happy and laugh all through the day... more »

  • Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

    Do not take yourself too seriously that's my advice to you
    And always to your higher self you ought to remain true
    And never steal from poor people that is an awful crime
    And if you wish to be a poet never dabble in doggerel rhyme.... more »

  • Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously As Some People Do

    Do not take yourself too seriously as some people do
    Humanity for it's survival not depending on you
    The living breath from so many great people has gone
    But humanity without them survives and life does go on... more »

  • Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously Time Does Tick On Fast

    Do not take yourself too seriously time does tick on fast
    And every day lived one nearer to your last
    The seconds of our lives keep on ticking away
    And every day lived one nearer to our last day... more »

  • Do Not Tell Him Of Your Sorrows

    Do not tell him of your sorrows of sorrows he has known enough
    He was brought up the hard way and he has known it tough
    A child of drug addicted parents and a street kid at thirteen
    He spend time in reform school and tough times he has seen.... more »

  • Do Not Tell Jim

    Do not tell Jim of your troubles since of such he knows all too well
    And of some very sad stories he does have of to tell
    Though on his life's personal struggles he would rather not dwell
    He is one who has been to and back from earthly hell... more »

  • Do Not Tell Me Of Your Sorrows

    Do not tell me of your sorrows I've had sorrows of my own
    And there are many others who more grief than us have known
    And they do not tell the World of their sorrows at their loss
    They just get on with living life and bear their heavy cross.... more »

  • Do Not Understand

    When people do talk of land ownership I feel they do not understand
    That we cannot own what does own us since we does belong to the land
    You may have a paper deed for your property which is proof of ownership by human law
    But your property and the land it does stand on you cannot take with you when your last breath of life you will draw... more »

  • Do Not Waste Your Prayers

    Do not waste your prayers on such as I save your own soul from hell
    And leave me in peace will you please to pen this doggerel
    To some I am a pagan and to some an infidel
    Yet by passing judgement on me to Satan their souls they sell.... more »

  • Do Not Waste Your Tears

    Do not waste your tears on the one who is dead
    But weep for the poor and the homeless instead
    For the dead one is past every sorrow and care
    And of tears shed by you for him or for her they will not be aware... more »

  • Do Respect First Australians

    Respect the first Australians as you would like them to respect you
    And sadly respect to them is overdue
    Their ancestorshave lived in Australia for thousands of years
    Instead of happiness the arrival of Cook and his sailors only brought them suffering and tears... more »

  • Do Sing Me Something That's Happy

    Don't sing me 'Slievenamon' or 'Molly Malone' or 'The Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee'
    Or 'The Boys Of Wexford' or 'Galway Bay' or even 'The Rose Of Tralee'
    I've often heard those songs sung in my young years and the past I do want to forget
    They were and are well loved old ballads though tinged with nostalgia and regret... more »

  • Do Sing Us A Song

    Do sing us a song of the silver tongued rill
    That flows to the river from the old brown hill
    By groves, ditches and hedgerows it babbles on it's way
    On it's sea going journey by night and by day... more »

  • Do They Have A Life Of Their Own

    The glamorous movie star is basking in her fame
    The idiots out there keep on chanting her name
    They've made a legend out of one once unknown
    Yet one wonders do they have a life of their own?... more »

  • Do Those Who Decide

    Do those who decide others must die though heinous be their crime
    Deserve to be remembered in story, song and rhyme
    I just put to you that question the answer to it in yourself you'll find
    Since after all we all are born with an individual mind.... more »

  • Do Try To Live Good

    Since many must lose for one to be best
    What matter if you fail when put to the test
    As long as you give it your very best try
    The word failure to you should never apply... more »

  • Do Unto Others

    When Coleridge penned his great 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner'
    a thing of great beauty he did create
    Suppose it does depend on the way you look at this literary classic but to karma the Rime to me does relate
    The killing of an albatross only brought bad luck we sow the seeds of our karma good or bad every day... more »

  • Do We Need

    Do we need nationalism and do we need God on our side
    Since God should be for everybody for people who live Worldwide
    Do we need patriotism and do we need War Memorial Day
    Should we not leave life's long departed for to rest in peace where they now lay?... more »

  • Do You

    Do you feel confused in your thinking of late your thoughts do not seem clear
    The past has become a blurred vision and the future you only do fear
    With you there's little wrong mentally you don't hear voices in your head
    But than go to the theatre or parties you'd prefer to sit at home instead... more »

  • Do You Ever Feel

    Do you ever feel like some do that you may as well be dead
    That times on you are getting tougher and even tougher days ahead
    That your mind from stress too damaged for even a psychiatrist to repair
    And you do not care about your appearance and you do not comb your hair.... more »