• Do You Ever Feel Your Life's Journey

    Do you ever feel your life's journey is leading you to nowhere
    And though you have seen a bit of the big World out there
    You are still a nobody in an ordinary town
    Without even a small claim to local renown... more »

  • Do You Feel

    Do you feel you are climbing on the hill of strife
    And you are not winning the battle of life
    And of any success at all you do despair
    But your great lust for life keeps you hanging in there... more »

  • Do You Feel Nostalgic

    Do you feel nostalgic when life has you down
    And you think of old friends in your distant hometown
    And the people you love that you've not seen for years
    Do such memories always have you close to tears... more »

  • Do You Feel That Lady Luck

    Do you feel that lady luck is not on your side
    And that by the Gods that be of a fair go you are denied?
    Yet there are many worse off than you doing it more tough
    Homeless and hungry and sleeping rough... more »

  • Do You Feel That Life Is Your Great Battle

    Do you feel that life is your great battle as you struggle on from day to day
    That lady luck she is against you that from you she looks the other way
    In that you are not unusual since your type of person is not rare
    There are millions and millions of people doing it hard in the big World out there... more »

  • Do You Feel That You Are Quite Powerless

    Do you feel that you are quite powerless for I often do feel that way
    Your opinions not seen as important few pay heed when you have your say
    Perhaps for you that's not a bad thing look at the state of the World we live in
    Where the greatest spreaders of paranoia the most admirers do seem to win... more »

  • Do You Feel The Powers That Be

    Do you feel the powers that be are against you and of happiness you've been denied
    And your better years are behind you and lady luck not on your side
    Your son and daughter in their early twenties live far from you though they phone occasionally
    And your wife has left you for another how very unfair life can be... more »

  • Do You Find

    Do you find living just a battle
    Have you struggled with inner strife?
    And the only thing that keeps you going
    Is the lust that you do feel for life.... more »

  • Do You Find Life's A Battle

    Do you find life's a battle a hard uphill fight
    And nothing you do for you seems to go right
    But many more like you in the big World out there
    For battlers as we know have never been rare.... more »

  • Do You Live In A Community

    Do you live in a community where you feel you do not belong
    Where your bond to those who live in close proximity to say the least not strong
    You do not attend community meetings and you not many wish to know
    And you only get a blank stare when to some you say hello?... more »

  • Do You Really Stand For Something

    Do you stand for peace and justice do you stand for human rights
    Or are you just one more dim ray in the World of lesser lights
    When your pub mates are trash talking do you not say you are wrong?
    It is easy to say nothing when it takes courage to be strong.... more »

  • Do You Retain Your Goodmemories

    Do you retain your good memories of your long gone years
    And for the what used to be have you shed your last tears
    Though time on your existence keeps ticking away
    Good memories live on as the wise one does say... more »

  • Do You Sometimes

    Do you sometimes wonder what life's all about
    And your worth as a person do you often doubt?
    You are not alone in feeling this way
    Just one of the millions in the World of today.... more »

  • Doctors And Surgeons

    Doctors and surgeons may help you to live longer but they cannot help you to grow younger and strong
    In the long term they cannot keep death from you if you think they can you have got it wrong
    For you are born a mortal like all others and mortals are born to die
    This is a fact of our existence and as is said of fact it never lie... more »

  • Doctors Differ

    Doctor differ and patients die
    In some cases not a lie
    The side effects of prescribed drugs known to make people ill
    And in some cases even kill.... more »

  • Doctors Differ And Patients Die

    Doctors differ and patients die
    In some cases not a lie
    And every surgical mistake
    Can lead to death and grieving and heartbreak... more »

  • Doctor's Mistake

    They are in a sleep from where they will never wake
    In every cemetery every doctor's mistake
    Death due to human error in some ways a criminal offense
    But to say that there are far worse crimes only makes for common sense... more »

  • Does Go On

    So many people to life have come to and have gone
    But no matter who comes or goes life does go on
    People are born to life for to die
    But that life goes on forever is not a lie... more »

  • Does It Have To Be Us And They

    I wonder why they wish to kill us those people from Lands far away
    Are we really not such good people and are we really bad as they say?
    They blame us for their poor existence, do we cause their social decay?
    Though the gulf between us keeps on widening does it have to... more »

  • Does It Matter

    Does it matter in the end if you travel far and wide
    Or if you live till the day you die in your hometown or countryside
    Since your life a destined journey that will end for you one day
    The longer you live the sooner you will die as some do like to say... more »

  • Does It Matter Anyway

    A friend of mine did tell me of what a sort of former friend was saying of me
    One who by his own admission is now my sworn enemy
    What he said of me is quite untruthful but does it matter anyway
    Since to karma for his nastiness the price will be his to pay... more »

  • Does It Matter If I Am A Rhymer

    Does it matter if i am a rhymer and i do not write well
    Or if the literary opinionated dismiss me as one who pen doggerel
    I do enjoy penning rhymes in case you may not have known
    And what i do for a hobby is my business and my business is my own... more »

  • Does It Matter That Much At All

    Does it matter that much at all
    If your dreams are big or small
    Anonymity as well as fame
    To you one one day will be the same... more »

  • Does It Not Seem A Great Pity

    The property developers and engineers with building plans for the city
    May be seen as influential and successful but does it not seem a great pity
    That they do not know the value to the Natural Environment of an old growth tree
    In their admiration club you will never find people like me... more »

  • Does Judge Not

    You believe all good things come to those who wait
    And will to you too if you do keep the faith
    If to your chosen god you kneel to pray
    For a half an hour or sometimes more every day... more »