• Does Not Make For Good Sense

    Jobs created for the emissions of more carbon into the natural environment does not make for good sense
    On this there ought to be a case for a defense
    Mine owners who make millions out of mining are not Mother Earth's friend
    That they are legalized environmental criminals why otherwise pretend... more »

  • Does Not Matter

    Does not matter where you come from or your nationality
    We are all homo sapiens of the human family
    Though of different skin pigmentation we may look different visually
    We interbreed with each other we are leaves of the one tree... more »

  • Does Not Matter To Me Now

    Does not matter to me now of my every life's loss and gain
    And of what was only memories with me now remain
    Far north of this countryside near Warrnambool
    Where i was a dunce of the primary school... more »

  • Does Not Wait

    Tomorrow will dawn and yesterday has gone
    Time does not wait it just keeps ticking on
    It does not wait for me and will not wait for you
    To live in the now is the best we can do... more »

  • Does Only Happen To Be So

    In life you have your good and your bad days and there are days you find it hard to smile
    Enjoy happiness whilst it is with you for it may not stay for a long while
    You are far better off than the homeless who live on the poor side of the town
    Who do not know how it feels to be happy since they are financially down... more »

  • Does Seem This Way

    We learn as we live as the wise one does say
    And new lessons for us in life every day
    But the more we do learn the more we realize
    That we do know so little this is not a surprise... more »

  • Does Take All Kinds

    The offensive one few does wish to befriend
    Though her or his sort are often easy enough to offend
    When the insult is on them of discrimination they complain
    Sometimes human behavior seems so hard to explain... more »

  • Does The Soul Live On

    Some claim the human soul lives forever who knows perhaps that well might be
    That at time of death the soul leaves the body the body bound for a cemetery
    The soul lives in another body though many does not see it that way
    Those who believe in a paradise beyond the sky for eternal happiness pray... more »

  • Does The Soul Live On When The Body Does Die

    Does the soul live on when the body does die
    If i told you i knew i would be telling a lie
    Though many believe post bodily death the souls of the good have wings for to fly
    To the kingdom of their god way beyond the sky... more »

  • Does Your Past Travel With You

    Does your past travel with you to where-ever you go
    In your thoughts do old friends stop by to say hello
    Do you go to the pub for the beer and sing song
    With you from the past memories have come along... more »

  • Doesn't Bother Me

    Doesn't bother me that my physical prime is long gone
    But what does make me happy i am living on
    I feel reasonably happy and i am mobile and life with me okay
    And i try for to enjoy every waking day... more »

  • Doesn't Bother Me If Literary Experts

    Doesn't bother me if literary experts dismiss my stuff as doggerel and from writing i do not know of wealth and fame
    Since i write for enjoyment only and it does not bother me that mine will never be a famous name
    I pen rhymes for my selfish pleasure and despite what some of me do say
    I do intend for to keep writing i will never give rhyming away... more »

  • Doesn'T Life Seem Hard For Many

    Doesn't life seem hard for many and doesn't life seem so unfair
    And thousands must grow poorer for every new millionaire
    Every day due to links with poverty fifty thousand people die
    And those who say we all are equal the reality deny... more »

  • Doesn't Matter

    The man who does wear a two hundred and seventy dollars tie
    If Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he cared about Australia's homeless people he would be telling a lie
    His tie cost as much as most unemployed people are expected to live on in their weekly dole
    Welfare cutbacks for the Country's poorest is his idea of Government expenditure control... more »

  • Doesn'T Matter If

    Doesn't matter if many what I pen do not read or recite
    I am just one of those blokes who does like to write
    And though my worth as a writer may well be in doubt
    There's never a shortage of things on which to write about.... more »

  • Doesn'T Matter If Others

    As long as what you are doing is not of harm to others you are doing okay
    Forget the judgemental of you what they say
    For minding their own business they will never be known
    One wonders of them have they lives of their own?... more »

  • Doggerelitis

    I feel that i must be suffering from an undiagnosed disease
    For my lust for writing doggerel i never can appease
    And call it doggerelitis or call it what you may
    But I'm about to write another doggerel today.... more »

  • Dogs

    Unconditional love your dogs to you does give
    All the days of their lives for as long as they live
    If you treat him or her well your dog will love you till the day he or she die
    Your dog faithful and non-judgemental and this is not a lie... more »

  • Dogs Are So Honest

    Dogs are so honest they cannot pretend
    And than your dog you have not a greater friend
    For as long as your dog lives your dog will love you
    Dogs to their favourite human friends are always true... more »

  • Doing It Tough

    So many poor people in the World doing it tough
    Hungry and homeless living and sleeping rough
    And due to famine and war so many are stateless and in dire poverty
    Survival a personal battle for every poor refugee... more »

  • Doing Something For Nothing

    I like to pen doggerel in my spare time
    And that in itself can hardly be a crime
    But some opinionated people to me do say
    How can you do something without reward or pay... more »

  • Doing Something I Love Doing

    For many Seasons i have been a rhyming buff
    And over the years i have penned reams of stuff
    Some four decades have passed since i penned my first rhyme
    One surely can say this is going back in time... more »

  • Doing Their Own Thing

    Should not matter if you've been to college and you cannot boast of a degree
    For a uni or college diploma to a happier life not the key
    But what matter most is you be happy and to it your laughter have a happy ring
    For the happiest of happy people are the people who do their own thing.... more »

  • Dola O' Byrne

    Such sad news out of Millstreet the saddest for many a day
    Dola O Byrne of the West End from life has passed away
    As nice a person as one could wish for to meet
    Few ever quite like her in the Town of Millstreet... more »

  • Dolly The Sheep

    These scientists who tamper with Nature
    Who look on life forms as cheap
    Feel proud of their latest achievement
    The cloning of Dolly the Sheep.... more »