• A Former Rose Of Maryborough

    With short hair dyed black and skin of chestnut brown
    She sat on a park bench in Maryborough Town
    With quite an attractive face that one would not easily forget
    She blew smoke as she puffed on a cigarette... more »

  • A Former Rose Of Port Fairy

    She was a former Rose of Port Fairy where the white waves of Pacific roll
    But the years have left their mark upon her the years on us all do take toll
    Though for one in her mid to late fifties she certainly does look okay
    With anti ageing cream she hides time wrinkles and with brown dye she covers her gray... more »

  • A Forsaken Woman

    She now despise him though she once did love him since love can be hate upside down
    He left her for a younger woman whom he lives with in a nearby Town
    She can't get it out of her system in her heart a festering thorn
    'Tis so true hell has no more fury than a woman angered by scorn.... more »

  • A Fountain Of Knowledge

    Today she told me I feel I've been in luck
    I did see a small flock of shoveller duck
    Around these parts their species is known to be rare
    Some of her knowledge of Nature with me she did share... more »

  • A Frail Octogenarian

    Slowly down the pavement with the aid of a walking frame she shuffles on yard by yard
    For a frail octogenarian life can be so hard
    The sparrows are chirping in the Winter sunshine
    If I reach her age her lot well may be mine.... more »

  • A Free Range Idiot

    The one referred to as an idiot does lack the inner glow
    But the meaning of a free range idiot is something i cannot claim to know
    That's what a woman shouted to her husband or partner in the super market the other day
    Towards him she was acting in an aggressive way... more »

  • A Friend Of Mine

    With her i would share a bottle of wine
    She who loves Nature is a friend of mine
    She knows the name of each species of tree
    Into the soul of Nature she can see.... more »

  • A Friend That Is True

    The best human friendships can be fickle why otherwise pretend
    But you treat your dog well and he or she will remain as your friend
    For in your dog you do have a friend that is true
    Your dog until death remains as a friend to you... more »

  • A Friendly Stranger

    I met a woman in San Remo she was in her mid thirties maybe
    Her snow white teeth visibly sparkled when she smiled saying good day to me
    Shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes her bare arms and legs from the sunshine bronzed brown
    A woman of exotic beauty perhaps from a tropical Town.... more »

  • A Fringe Dweller

    Don't have a church for to go to don't even bother to vote
    Not in a writers group or in a book club or never said I was a poet
    Don't have a god to worship don't believe in a heaven or hell
    I am just another poetaster and I only pen doggerel.... more »

  • A Fringe Dwelling Man

    One without a tribe and one without a clan
    He is what one might call a fringe dwelling man
    In the prime of his life yet to many not known
    He does not have friends one always on his own... more »

  • A Frog's Just A Frog

    Of the complexities of Nature how can one explain
    Who can tell of the workings of the amphibian's brain
    Why he often does sing in the wind and the rain
    His song more like a croak in the watery drain... more »

  • A Gem Of The Moyne Shire Old Koroit Town

    A gem of the Moyne Shire old Koroit Town
    As a place of Irish music it has won renown
    Quite close to Tower Hill with links to the Dreamtime
    Koroit has inspired the writers of story and rhyme... more »

  • A Gentle Man

    A gentle-man in some ways rather shy
    One might say of him that he would not harm a fly
    Even in his neighborhood not that well known
    One never referred to as one of our own... more »

  • A Gift To All Women

    He thinks he's a gift to all women at least that is what he believe
    But thought has proved him wrong as usual for himself he only deceive
    The most narcisstic person that i know himself he does only delude
    Most women do not find him attractive and his chat up lines to them seem rude.... more »

  • A Glimpse Into Nature's Soul

    So much to love about in Nature and every day something new we see
    Though little i seem to know of her for her secrets she hides from me
    But now and then i get a quick glimpse into her beautiful soul
    When she is calm and in a relaxed mood and her stronger feelings are under control.... more »

  • A God For All People

    If there is a god that god is for all
    And not for those of royal blood or the belle of the ball
    And not for the president, the pope or the squire
    Or the millionaire entertainers the gullible masses admire... more »

  • A God Within In Every Child

    Apart from Nature there is a God known as the God Within
    Found in every child in every Land for children are free of sin
    A God within in every child or so 'twould seem that way
    But most adults lose their God within though to another God they do pray... more »

  • A Godless Infidel

    I do not have a god to pray to or believe in a heaven or a hell
    Perhaps i am an atheist a godless infidel
    One of the lost souls of the Planet to die and be no more
    My best days long behind me i am four years with three score... more »

  • A Gold Coast Beauty

    In distance far south of her home-place
    A brown skinned dark haired beauty of Australia's first race
    And eyes brown as a ripe chestnut one free of conceit and guile
    From the Gold Coast of Queensland with sunshine in her smile... more »

  • A Gold Coast Christmas Day

    No alcohol by law to be consumed in public places on Christmas Day
    But indoors people do eat and drink their cares away
    In the coolness of their verandahs out of the sunshine
    The families and friends eat and get merry on beer, whiskey and wine... more »

  • A Goldfinch Is Singing

    The beauty of Nature the joys of the Spring
    In that scrubby place where the goldfinches sing
    Their songs of November on the sapling trees
    That sway to and fro in the freshening breeze... more »

  • A Good Citizen

    When i hear someone referred to as a good citizen i feel like laughing aloud
    Your government approves of you big brother of you proud
    But if you die tomorrow the government won't care
    To them you are just a number and your type are not rare,... more »

  • A Good Day For Me

    Though of cares i am one who is not always free
    Everyday i do live is a good day for me
    Of the praises of life i feel happy to sing
    As a gift to humanity there is no greater thing... more »

  • A Good Deed Or Two Every Day

    In a Human World where many must lose for a few for to win
    For a better World for all to live in
    You have some part to play with yourself you begin
    By becoming a better person the power to do good comes from within... more »