• Fair Dues To Joyce Hemsley

    Give credit where credit is due seems a fair thing to say
    And fair dues to Joyce Hemsley on her Honorary Degree she did it the hard way
    By writing four thousand poems in a decade four hundred poems a year
    Of such a rare achievement we do not often hear.... more »

  • Fair Dues To The Reaper He Does Not Differentiate

    Fair dues to the Reaper he does not differentiate
    On the lives of the paupers and of those the masses celebrate,
    The lives of the monarch and the billionaire
    Just like the lives of the homeless he does not spare... more »

  • Fair Dues To Willy Chaplin

    Fair dues to Willy Chaplin he treats all people fair
    He accepts verse from everybody and people like him rare
    The Webmaster of The Web Poetry Corner on his site he takes pride
    He and his dear one Gipsy are known both far and wide.... more »

  • Fairweather Friends

    On the material ladder of success you have climbed far
    And many do tell you of how great you are
    But among your admirers do you have one true friend
    If your luck in life changed on whom you could depend... more »

  • False Charmers

    Though con people use it for to mask their guile
    People do seem to warm to the one who can smile
    But the genuine smilers are becoming rare
    Of stories of charming con-men we are all too aware... more »

  • False Patriotism

    That our Nation's sports women and men should be the best Worldwide
    Has got nothing to do with our love of sport only false Nationalistic pride
    'Tis not for their love of Country that individual sports people compete
    But for their own self glory and for their own self conceit.... more »

  • False People

    False people i do meet with them every day
    I feel I am like them though not in every way
    And of myself of me this is a hard thing to say
    Since i am one with words who do like to play... more »

  • Fame And Shame

    Some men they have climbed to the summit of fame
    But for one crime or other plummeted to the depths of shame
    And spend years of their lives behind a locked prison gate
    For to pay for their sins as guests of the State... more »

  • Fame To Time

    Long after life's breath from their body has gone
    Some famous people their fame will live on
    But slowly over time their fame will fade away
    Though their names may outlast their bodily decay... more »

  • Famed Poets Of South West Gippsland

    Famed poets of South West Gippsland your fame known far and wide
    You glorify in your verses your coastal Countryside
    Your poems are of Phillip Island, Kilcunda and Archies Creek
    In your words of fine beauty perfection you do seek.... more »

  • Familiar Aussies

    They build cup shaped mud nest on fork of branch of tree
    The birds known as mudlark or magpie lark or to some as pee wee
    I know them by their song everyday them i do see
    Birds familiar to many and familiar to me... more »

  • Familiar Australian Birds

    Peeowit pee wee is all they ever say
    The magpie larks ihear and see every day
    Dainty black and white birds of town parks and countryside
    Mud nest builders known and loved Australia wide... more »

  • Familiar Australians

    So familiar to many and familiar to me
    The dainty black and white birds that are known as pee wee
    Or magpie lark or mudlark birds I often see
    They build cup shaped mud nest on low branch of tree... more »

  • Familiar Australians I Do See Every Day

    They build cup shaped mud nest on fork of branch of tree
    The birds known as mudlark or magpie lark or to some as pee wee
    I know them by their song everyday them i do see
    Birds familiar to many and familiar to me... more »

  • Familiar Birds

    Familiar birds where i live since i see them every day
    New holland honeyeaters in feathers of black, gold and gray
    Nectar eating small birds and of them one can say
    That they are quite aggressive and from their territory try to chase other small honeyeaters away... more »

  • Familiar Birds To All Australians

    The black and white Australian feathered minstrels birds with a silvery bill
    Small birds, amphibians and small animals they have been known for to kill
    They are known as Australian magpies or otherwise piping shrike
    As birds they are quite territorial without any real look alike... more »

  • Familiar Birds To Many

    Familiar birds to Many and familiar birds to me
    When i am outdoors them i often does see
    They are known as mudlark or magpie lark and some know them as pee wee
    They build a cup shaped mud nest on fork of branch of tree... more »

  • Familiar To Many

    Mud nesting birds everyday i hear and see
    Medium sized black and white they do sing regularly
    They build cup shaped nest of mud on fork high on branch of tree
    They are known as mudlarks or magpie larks and many call them pee wee... more »

  • Familiar Voices In Nature

    Familiar voices in Nature that everyone know
    The flute of the magpie the caw of the crow
    The pipe of the blackbird melodious and clear
    And the whistle of the shrike thrush so pleasant to hear... more »

  • Family Values

    They love each other and their children but they studiously ignore
    The poor old one in her mid eighties their near neighbour who lives next door
    To her they feel so much superior in their eyes she's an old faded rose
    Human beings can be so hypocrtical that's human life one would suppose.... more »

  • Famous And Wealthy Celebrities

    Many famous and wealthy celebrities and entertainers marry often and married for long few of them stay
    And the lawyers of high profile divorce cases are getting wealthier by the day
    A marriage vow to many of the wealthy and famous for to break is always quite okay
    That some of their sort are lacking in honor and faithfulness is only true for to say... more »

  • Fanciful Dream

    I left my love in the Fairy Glen
    Home of the litte fairy men
    I met her there on a July night
    When a Summer moon was beaming bright.... more »

  • Fancy I Can Hear

    In fancy I can hear the soft lowing of a cow
    In a darkening field by white river Finnow
    On a Spring evening just after sundown
    In the quiet countryside near Millstreet Town... more »

  • Far Away

    The sweet scent of grass mowed for silage or hay
    Is wafting in the breeze of a sunny June day
    And dark swallows are chirping in sky blue and gray
    Above sunlit meadows from her far away... more »

  • Far Away From The Hill Of The Wombat

    With a partner and a seven months old daughter
    He is in the big Town for to stay
    Far away from the hill of the wombat
    Where the butcherbird welcomes the day... more »