• Far Away Spring

    The memories remain of a far away Spring
    When the robins and blackbirds and thrushes and finches did sing
    And the blue tit lays her brown dotted pale eggs in a hole in old tree
    In Spring so much natural beauty to see... more »

  • Far Away Town

    He has lived in this suburb for fifty years of his life
    And here raised his children with his beautiful and devoted wife
    She died of cancer in her mid fifties his grief in her passing was healed in the shedding of tears
    He has lived without love for fifteen lonely years... more »

  • Far Better Than Me

    He is non judgemental as the word can be
    And the nice side to others he only does see
    Of all of the isms he is totally free
    He is a good person far better than me... more »

  • Far Beyond The Darkness

    Far beyond the darkness can you see the light
    Where all it is breezy and lovely and bright
    You walk in the park in the smoky air
    But the air it is clean by the hills over there... more »

  • Far Far Away In Australia

    Far far away in Australia
    The home of the wild kangaroo
    I live away from my Homeland
    But Ireland I still think of you.... more »

  • Far From

    Far from the fields that bordered Millstreet Town
    I went in search of fortune and renown
    From my own Homeland thousands of miles away
    Still I'm no richer than I once was today.... more »

  • Far From An Earthly Utopia

    Though the lorikeets look beautiful on the sunlit trees
    And the weather most days warm over twenty degrees
    Far from an Earthly Utopia it does seem to me
    Though on that many with me may well not agree... more »

  • Far From Good People

    The Human World as ever is not short of leaders
    But sadly good leaders remain in the few
    So many so called leaders have been disappointing
    And this is not saying anything that is new... more »

  • Far From His Old Home In The Desert

    To the Country that he fled from he never can go back
    The poor bloke from the desert of southern Iraq
    Long dark hair and a dark beard one of an oppressed race
    He's in his early thirties but he has an older face.... more »

  • Far From The Fields

    Far from the fields of rook, badger and gray crow
    Where the evergreen rushes in clusters do grow
    And the streams, rills and rivers of the speckled brown trout
    I am learning of Nature in this Land of the south... more »

  • Far From The Land I Was Raised In

    Far from the Land I was raised in and feeling like a tired old hack
    I am growing old in this Country I can't afford to go back
    To the far Country I came from to the coarse fields by the bog
    Where as a schoolboy I hunted with old brown Pudsy the dog.... more »

  • Far From The Noisy Streets

    Far from the noisy streets of the big town
    The creek from the mountains does wind it's way down
    Through flat shrubby paddocks on it's sea going way
    It babbles all night and it babbles all day... more »

  • Far From The Noisy Town

    The human crave for success and recognition seems too much for me
    To be a better person is all i can wish to be
    And those in need of helping i will help if i can
    Make the World better to live in make myself a better man... more »

  • Far From The Stands Of Croke Park

    Far from the Stands of Croke Park and the cheering Rebel crowd
    Us Cork Gaelic Football fans in exile too can feel happy and proud
    That Cork with them brought Sam back home after a two decade wait
    But through the lean years the Rebel fans with their team kept the faith.... more »

  • Far From The Streets

    Far from the noisy traffic of the street
    In the wood near where the creek and river meet
    In feathers of light brown and palish gray
    The bird known as gray shrike thrush is whistling today... more »

  • Far From This Land

    From this Land he never could drive to there by car
    Oh pity the old bloke from home he lives far
    He never will see the old mountain again
    Or hear the robin sing in the wind and the rain.... more »

  • Far From Where Old Tarwin

    In his early thirties he has turned thirty three
    The one who hails from where the Tarwin flows into the sea
    He left Tarwin Lower when he was nineteen
    And some of the bigger World out there he has seen.... more »

  • Far Greater In Old Millstreet Town

    His short clipped hair greying did show traces of brown
    He bragged of his Suburb and it's people of renown
    But his brow in a furrow in a perplexed frown
    When i told him far greater in old Millstreet Town... more »

  • Far More Good Than Bad People

    That in the World far more good than bad people does only seem true for to say
    Though we hear of and read of bad crimes in the media and newspapers every day
    In general most people are kindhearted and would never do anyone wrong
    Though some who were not good living people have been honored in story and song... more »

  • Far More To Australia

    Why so many young people wish to migrate to Australia one can understand
    There is so much to like about in this vast sunny southern Land
    With an oral human history in time very old
    There is far more to Australia than in written history has been told... more »

  • Far More To Life

    There's more to life than making money or working or sports or football
    Though those things are seen as important to most people but not to all
    There's joy in the beauty of Nature the beauty we don't pay to see
    So much to learn about her at least that's how it does seem to me.... more »

  • Far North

    Far north even as the crow fly from this southern shore
    The swallows fly above old green Claramore
    And the rill from the high ground along by the hedgerow
    On down to the river babbles as it does flow.... more »

  • Far North As The Birds Fly

    Far north as the birds fly from here far away
    It is cold and raining in Ireland today
    And often noisy jackdaw in head feathers of gray
    On the leafless birch tree has nothing to say... more »

  • Far North Even As The Crow Fly

    Far north even as the crow fly from here far away
    In leafy groves, woods and hedgerows nesting birds sing all day
    And blackbird will sing his fanfare of the May
    Before the sun rise in the dawn cool and gray,... more »

  • Far North Even By The Short Route

    I was born and raised in Claraghatlea near Millstreet Town
    Though that hardly would rate as a claim to renown
    Far north even by the short route as the birds choose to fly
    From where I live now thousands of miles of sky... more »