• Far South Of Old Duhallow

    Far south of old Duhallow and my first home by Millstreet Town
    Many roadways of Victoria i have travelled up and down
    I have seen and heard the white browed babblers sing on the small scrubland trees
    And i've seen huge swarms of locusts flying in the Summer breeze... more »

  • Far South Of Old Ireland

    Young is a thing anyone cannot stay
    Far south of old Ireland time has left me gray
    Through coastal Illowa a freshening wind blowing from the bay
    And so great to be living on such a nice day... more »

  • Far South Of The

    Far south of the fields of the silver backed crow
    Of Nature's ways so much to learn and to know
    Where brown wedge tailed eagle monarch of the southern sky
    Eyes on the brown and dry paddocks searching for prey as she fly... more »

  • Far South Of The Countryside

    The roadways of life i have been up and down
    And i have been in many a village and town
    Since i left my first home by the Town of Millstreet
    In the green countryside where the waterways meet... more »

  • Far South Of The Fields

    Far south of the fields just west of the Town of Millstreet
    In the green countryside where the waterways meet
    In view of the Boggeraghs from here far away
    Of life i may well live my last night and day... more »

  • Far South Of The Fields Where Finnow Waters Flow

    Far south of the fields where Finnow waters flow
    Home to the badger and pheasant and silver back crow
    Of Nature i learn something new every day
    In life we never stop learning it does seem this way... more »

  • Far South Of The Home

    Far south of the home of the silver back crow
    In the brown countryside where the dark Wannon flow
    In the home of the wallaby and the gray roo
    And the large dark brown parrot known as the weerloo... more »

  • Far South Of The Roadway

    Far south of the roadway from Millstreet to Rathmore
    In the Autumn of my life five years with three score
    To a familiar voice one could never mistake
    The flute like song of the magpie i often do wake... more »

  • Far South Of The Smoky And The Noisy Street

    Far south of the smoky and the noisy street
    Where the creek from the hills and the river do meet
    The gray butcherbird he is singing today
    His bubbling song in the memory does stay... more »

  • Far South Of Where

    Far south of where i was born and went to primary school
    In this coastal countryside by Warrnambool
    My past in my memories of what was with me does remain
    In my moments of fancy for to visit again... more »

  • Far South Of Where Glasheen

    Far south of where Glasheen to Finnow does flow
    Where the rushes in clusters in the old fields do grow
    Perhaps i will live my last night and day
    From the fields of my youth i may die far away... more »

  • Far South Of Where She Went To School

    It does seem time is against her she is eighty three
    She may never again go back to Knocknagree
    To the high village in Sliabh Luachra in the green countryside
    By the Boggeragh Ranges that stretch far and wide... more »

  • Far Too Big A World

    Far too big a World in a lifetime to see
    With the saying of a small World after all many would not agree
    Though many places i have lived in and i have seen quite a few
    I like many do yearn to see places to me new... more »

  • Far Too Late For Helpston's John Clare

    He is arguably England's greatest Nature poet
    Yet in his lifetime not seen as one worthy of note
    He died in the Northampton Asylum where he had lived for years
    But his passing did not stir a Nation to tears... more »

  • Far Too Many

    Far too many with too little it has always been that way
    And far too many have to struggle just to live from day to day
    And far too many children never reach the adult stage
    And people still dying of hunger in this enlightened age.... more »

  • Far Too Many Civilians

    Far too many civilians in war zones have died
    Their gift of life of them by misadventure denied
    'Tis happening where wars are fought every day
    Far too many civilians are dying in this way... more »

  • Far Too Many Fault Finders

    Far too many fault finders live in every town
    Their one joy in life is putting others down
    In their negative remarks satisfaction they find
    They hardly would how how it feels to be kind... more »

  • Far Too Many Good People

    The home of the brave and the land of the free
    At least anyhow this is how it used to be
    But in the U S nowadays homicides are rife
    And many unarmed people there by foul means are losing their gift of life... more »

  • Far Too Many Judgmental People

    Far too many judgmental people like rabbits their numbers have grown
    For kindness, compassion and empathy their sort will never be known
    They look up to the social climbers and on others they choose to look down
    And sad to think no shortage of them there are plenty of their sort in every town... more »

  • Far Too Many Materialistic People

    That money with them only matters does seem fair to say
    The many materialistic people in the World of today
    And so many of their sort lack in empathy
    For those doing it tough they feel no sympathy... more »

  • Far Too Many People

    Some six billion people in the World of today
    And millions are born poor and raised in the hard way
    And like Nature's Seasons people come and go
    In this the only World we know of or know,... more »

  • Far Too Many People It Does Seem

    Far too many people it does seem this way
    The seven billion plus human beings in the Human World of today
    Despite wars and famines the human population is on the rise
    When it comes to family planning most people are not wise... more »

  • Far Too Many Poor And Homeless

    Far too many poor and homeless people in the World today
    Without a home to live in or a bed on which to lay
    In draughty disused factory doorways trying to sleep hungry at night
    Mere survival for them is an uphill fight... more »

  • Far Too Many Ruthless People

    Some of us Human Beings are selfish creatures always seeking our own wealth and fame
    Though that does not apply to everybody as no two are quite the same
    Through the World greed is creeping corruption everywhere is rife
    It doesn't say much for our sense of values when deceit is now seen as part of life.... more »

  • Far Too Many Young

    Far too many young and brave people for their National flag have died
    And far too many have fought in war just because of National pride
    But like 'tis said about youth that youth must have it's fling
    Though the dead never do hear when the living their praises sing... more »