• Far Too Much

    We never learn from the past it does seem that way
    Still too much patriotism in the Human World of today
    The praises of war heroes the war men do sing
    Too much of anything is not a good thing... more »

  • Far Too Much Generalizing

    Far too much generalizing in the World of today
    For the sins of the father the son should not have to pay
    Due to the genes you inherit you can be seen as a lesser light
    Those who choose to judge should judge more fairly if they feel they have that right... more »

  • Far Too Much Of

    Far too much of envy and hatred and greed
    Of more love, kindness and compassion the Human World is in need
    Self improvement it only can come from within
    Make yourself a better person make the World better to live in... more »

  • Far Too Of Their Sort

    Those who treat you in a subservient way
    In return any respect to them you should not pay
    Far too many of their sort in the Human World of today
    Who respect to most people find it hard to pay... more »

  • Far Tougher Than You

    Doubtless as you say life on you is quite tough
    But compared to many you are lucky enough
    You have a warm bed to sleep in and enough food for to eat
    And for dinner you always have vegetables with fish or meat... more »

  • Far Worse I Have Known

    The day is wet and cold and windy but far worse i have known
    In the place where my life's early memories were sown
    When the weather temperatures was at zero degrees
    And the cold wind was soughing in the naked trees... more »

  • Far Worse Off Than I

    That i have never stopped learning from life that much i do know
    And though in material possessions i don't have much to show
    Compared to many my needs seem quite small
    And my lack of success never phase me at all... more »

  • Far Worse Off Than I Am,

    Life on me has never been tougher i am in need of every cent
    Yet i feel lucky i am not homeless as i struggle for to pay my rent
    You well may say it is my own fault that i have to live in this way
    You pay the price for your life choices as some seem so happy to say... more »

  • Far Worse Off Than Me

    Compared to most my worries do seem small
    And real hardship in my life I don't have to recall
    Nor I can't say I've known much of ache or pain
    In fact I don't have any reason to complain... more »

  • Farewell

    Farewell to all of my old friends who live far north of here
    And farewell to the old Townland and the places I love dear
    And to the woods and old fields where I discovered rhyme
    But the boys I went to school with now have offsprings in their prime.... more »

  • Farewell My Rebel Latvian (For Erica)

    Farewell my noble rebel so cold and deep the grave
    But you were not afraid of death and you were always brave
    You were my favourite brother the one I loved the best
    The rebel heart from Latvia has gone to peaceful rest.... more »

  • Farewell To

    Farewell to the young women I used to know
    When I was a younger man decades ago
    Some of them are ageing grandmothers today
    And some of them childless and single did stay.... more »

  • Farewell To High Tree Travel Towers

    Farewell to High Tree Travel Towers I hate these last goodbyes
    For the very thought of leaving bring teardrops to my eyes
    And though with some of my ex work mates I did not see eye to eye
    We did not have much common ground still they are good as I.... more »

  • Farewell To Humphrey Kelleher

    Farewell to the great Humphrey Kelleher though his was not a lengthy life span
    In his prime in the sixties and seventies he was a mighty man
    Full back for the Millstreet and Cork Gaelic football teams fearless in the field of play
    But a kind and generous man at heart he surely had his day.... more »

  • Farewell To Julia Gillard

    Though far left of her ways of thinking and for her i never would vote
    In the history of Australian Politics she is one well worthy of note
    As Australia's first woman Prime Minister she achieved something great
    The woman born in Barry in far away Wales her own history did create... more »

  • Farewell To The Hero

    Farewell to the hero he has played his last game
    Though the club without him may not be the same
    His best days as a footballer one can say had been gone
    But in the minds of the fans his fame will live on... more »

  • Farewell To The Poets And Poetesses Of Nature

    Farewell to the poets and poetesses of Nature
    Their beautiful rhymes are a gift of the heart
    In literature they will always be remembered
    For their promotion of Nature in which they played a huge part.... more »

  • Farewell To The Travelling People

    Farewell to the travelling people their fame it was known far and wide
    Their horse drawn vans are no longer to be seen on the by roads of the green countryside
    Their descendants live a different sort of a lifestyle with the passing of the decades few things stay the same
    And so it is for the children of the wanderlust people who too are often called out of name.... more »

  • Fate Of The Leaves

    The elite sports people in the World of today
    Were born to be mortals in truth one can say
    Great as they are one day they must die
    In this respect they are no different to you and to i... more »

  • Father Ed

    The day of his ordination his widowed mum's happiest day
    To Sainthood she said my son is on his way
    She raised him on her own when his dad of a heart attack died
    Of her only offspring she took so much pride... more »

  • Father Emu At Tower Hill

    If you visit Tower Hill in Spring you may see
    Father emu and his young family
    By his side slowly walking along
    In the emu family love's bond it is strong... more »

  • Father Jack

    He died in the evening four days ago of a massive heart attack
    Many of the parish poor today shed tears at the burial of Father Jack
    They loved him for the man he was compassionate and kind
    A better friend than Father Jack they never more will find... more »

  • Father Joe Murphy

    When i was a Schoolboy Father Joe Murphy was a young man
    I recall him and his Brothers Doney and the late Johnny Dan
    And though of my existence he hardly would know
    One cannot help but remember the great Father Joe.... more »

  • Father Ted Kennedy

    The hero of Sydney's Aboriginal people is now with the dead
    The Parish Priest of Redfern the great Father Ted
    Right till his own end he was on the side
    Of the poor fringe dwellers and the marginalized.... more »

  • Favourite Birds Of Many

    Medium sized black and white birds I see and hear every day
    Pee wee pee wee the tune they mostly play
    True feathered Australians of them one can say
    Different to most other birds in every way... more »